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Türk Telekom, a leading telecom provider in Turkey, joined with Avea and TTNET to form an integrated telecommunications group, under brand of “Türk Telekom,” providing mobile, internet, home phone and corporate services.  With increased services, came greater demand on the company’s critical systems and a greater need to protect and guarantee data availability.


Hitachi Vantara has provided block and file storage for Türk Telekom for over 10 years and supports many of the company data centers’ critical systems. For this project Türk Telekom chose Hitachi once again and implemented Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System’s global-active device. It created an active-active storage solution for the company’s critical billing system.


The integrated remote replication ensures that the systems continue their operations 24/7: Data is always available in remote sites, even in case of any emergency and critical systems like billing can perform without interruption.


       Onsite with the Türk Telekom team.


See full story here – Learn How Turk Telekom Supports Critical Systems With Hitachi Solutions | Hitachi Vantara

Created in 1886, the TIMELAB Foundation provides two of the most prestigious horological (relating to timepieces such as clocks and watches) certifications: the Poinçon de Genève and the Observatoire Chronométrique +.


In maintaining their mission of full independence and neutrality, their laboratory offers horology industry expertise, testing, investigations and services for movement and watch specifications. These measurements need to comply with standard requirements (ISO, NIHS, etc.) or meet specific customer requests during the homologation phase, which includes the production and quality control processes.



TIMELAB’s expertise, testing, analysis and certification activities generate large data volumes that became too difficult to manage manually. This is further complicated by the fact their data spans over an entire century from the first written records in 1886. As a result, they lacked a complete and immediate access to their data to automatically verify, integrate and archive for traceability needs.


It became clear that TIMELAB could benefit from a centralized, automated and expandable system with modern and powerful analytical functionality. In order to comply with their independence and neutrality commitment, TIMELAB was searching for a solution that would retain all of its testing and certification data in its original format without allowing users to alter its contents.



TIMELAB’s choice for the Pentaho Data Integration and Business Analytics solution allowed them to replace a manually maintained Microsoft Excel based system that was managed by the Laboratory Manager and the Certification Manager. An automated data management process has resulted in significant time savings for data collection and verification. This new system provides an automated comparison of diverse measurement results for greater productivity and rapid compliance checking. Once the results are recorded by an authorized member of the TIMELAB laboratory, user defined access is administered via Pentaho’s user console in order to maintain high data integrity and comply the neutrality requirements mandated by the certification process.


Additionally, Pentaho’s self-service data integration capabilities provide other watch factories with the ability to import their testing results while upholding the integrity of their data.


“Thanks to Pentaho we benefit from a fully integrated view of our data that our laboratory teams can now access in a self-service fashion. Furthermore, we can quickly generate certificates following successful testing procedures, produce the certification history on demand, and associate a part with all of its attributes, » said Anne-Sophie Guerra – TIMELAB’s Managing Director. “Pentaho’s platform leverages our expertise to make it easier to meet the requirements of quality and autonomy.”


In collaboration with Pentaho partner Linalis, who specializes in delivering business intelligence and web solutions, TIMELAB has now integrated their Excel based system into its centralized database. Following the import of every file created since 2012, they will leverage Pentaho to gradually incorporate all of the handwritten registries into the system. Linalis has also provided support for interface personalization and ISO compliance testing.

By relying on Pentaho’s modern and flexible end-to-end platform, TIMELAB has been able to deliver a wide range of certification management and analysis functionality for enhancing the team’s performance. Dashboards and reporting provide completed testing results; and full visibility on all of the watch parts and calibration details.

“Pentaho allows us to visualize the environmental factors impacting the work in our laboratory. For instance, our charts highlight measurements trending towards a lower or higher tolerance or even changing conditions during the day. This allows us to detect easier non-compliant parts so it does not impact our certification process,” explained Guerra.

Pentaho ingests temperature and atmospheric data in the laboratory to ensure testing is not impacted by changing environmental factors. In the event temperatures or particles are recorded above the pre-defined threshold, an email alert is sent to the appropriate recipients within the laboratory to give them time to react before being out of tolerance.


At the conclusion of the testing process, a part certification number is automatically generated by TIMELAB. thanks to a peering system combining a unique movement number with a unique watch case. In the event a movement already is associated with another case, it will automatically update This automated management system also continuously validates tests, certificate recordings, entry mistakes and omissions from the process. Pentaho enables easy search functionality to verify a watch’s authenticity.


Today TIMELAB is advocating for other laboratories to adopt Pentaho’s platform in order to build the industry’s most comprehensive horological certification and archiving system.

The purpose of play is to educate, inspire and allow kids to dream! Learn how the manufacturers of Paw Patrol, hatchimals, etch-a-sketch and more, transformed from a toy company to an entertainment business.  Spin Master provides now manufactures award-winning toys, webisodes, TV, feature films and more to make life more fun!


SpinMaster Video opening shot.png


See how Hitachi solutions help them keep their intellectual properties and data protected, and how Spin Master uses data to make better, faster real-time decisions, cut processes and maintain a competitive edge.


Video - Transformation Award: How Spin Master transformed and grew to be a leading toy entertainment company - YouTube

Infographic - Hitachi Helps Spin Master Make a Play for Digitally Transforming Business With an Innovative Data Strategy | Hitachi Van…

Case study - Learn How Hitachi Data Strategy Helps Spin Master To Digitally Transform | Hitachi Vantara

Curtin is ranked in the top one per cent of universities worldwide in the prestigious Academic Ranking of World Universities 2017. As west Australia’s largest and most culturally diverse university, they have one of Australia’s largest international student populations.


Learn more about how Curtin University’s Smart Campus will allow them to gather information on study patterns, course attendance and social inter-actions and more, to ultimately improve student experience and enhance learning.



Swim – Cycle – Run – Global retailer, Wiggle is the destination of choice for cyclists, runners, swimmers, triathletes, hikers, gym-goers and a multitude of other active people.  Based the UK, their plans to become a global leader are becoming a reality, delivering to over 70 countries. 


Learn more about how they use real-time data, to make better, faster decision, maintain agility and continue providing great customer service.




See more customer transformations -

The telecommunications industry is experiencing a renaissance of sorts. With omnichannel content choices, innovative bundled services and smartphone ubiquity, telecoms are relentless in the quest for better, faster and more offerings to keep happy customers.


For Magyar Telecom (subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom), its masterpiece is ensuring quality residential and business digital, mobile and fixed-line services for voice, internet and cable TV to millions of customers. Based in Budapest with over 10,000 employees country-wide, Magyar is focused on 24x7 service, but burgeoning data volumes threatened to slow performance of mission-critical SAP ERP environments and backend systems. 


Magyar wanted flexible, robust technologies to harness 10% year-over-year data growth while supplying expansive and uninterrupted must-have digital services. Learn how Magyar built a one-vendor strategy that trimmed the storage footprint by 26% and delivers six-times-faster application performance while boosting the customer experience.


As smartphone technology advances, so must our storage systems. With a truly innovative technology partner like Hitachi Vantara, we know we are in good hands.”

Barna Bakó, Head of Data and OS Center, Magyar Telekom


By Glen Lomond, Global Solutions Architect at Hitachi Vantara


Making data storage and management simple, yet powerful is the cornerstone of ThinkOn’s business. Based in Toronto as an Hitachi Cloud Service Provider partner, this wholesale provider of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) delivers innovative data solutions to a variety of value-added resellers and telecom providers – who resell ThinkOn services to enterprise and midsized customers across a variety of industries.


Challenge – Deliver wholesale cloud-based data solutions


As ThinkOn’s customers grapple with soaring volumes of unstructured data, the ability to manage and archive this data is key. These companies need solutions to help them retain older data to meet regulatory compliance needs, access that data for future business initiatives – and above all else – ensure the data is secure. “At the end of the day, there’s one thing you have to fully commit to: minimizing risk of destruction of customer data,” says Craig McLellan, CEO of ThinkOn. “That’s really what this is about – providing our customer with a rock-solid guarantee that their data is safe.”


Solution – Gain security and freedom in one solution


ThinkOn deployed Hitachi Content Platform (HCP), a cloud object platform that enables companies to store, share, sync, protect, and retrieve file data from a single system. HCP tackles exponential data growth and bridges traditional and emerging technologies to protect data while keeping it available anywhere, anytime. “Over time, we discovered that as an object store it has so many qualities that allow us to stand out over the alternatives,” says McLellan. “We continue to see advantages in HCP that other solutions don’t have. It’s an ideal long-term platform for us.”


Outcomes – Future ready with a scalable and secure solution


The value of HCP to ThinkOn include benefits to their bottom-line through cost savings and to their top-line through incremental revenue growth.

  • First, with its powerful intelligence and automation, HCP delivers digital transformation dividends to ThinkOn’s IT staff by simplifying the provisioning process, driving cost efficiencies out of its infrastructure and improving utilization to 100%. “When there are issues, we see a high degree of ownership and collaboration from Hitachi,” said McLellan. “It all goes back to Hitachi’s heritage of being such a strong, technically competent organization. There is a level of collaboration that we just love.”Second, HCP provides a foundation for building Object Storage-based solutions.  As a result, ThinkOn has been able to incrementally monetize the potential of HCP by developing several as-a-service offerings that include Data Storage, Disaster Recovery and Backup. So what’s next – leveraging HCP for a new level of services focused around Analytics and IoT.


The result - simple, scalable, value-add.

Download the full case study, ThinkOn—Where Data Thrives Using Intelligent, Scalable Object Storage From Hitachi Vantara

ThinkOn - YouTube

Learn more about Hitachi Vantara Customer Voices



About ResEvo

ResEvo (ResearchEvolution) is an innovative technology company based in Slovenia. Since 2007, they have managed over 60 business analytics projects with over 100 installations. ResEvo provides their customers with software that supports their business operations and analyzes their current processes with the goal to improve them. Their main product, ASK.BI (, is built on the Pentaho platform and is recognized as the first business application within central Europe to be featured on the IBM Marketplace.


ResEvo’s mission is to develop complex, innovative and high-quality software solutions, and to become an increasingly recognizable brand within Europe They are expanding their business and looking for partners including integrators, ISV’s and distributors globally.


Too Much Data, Too Little Information

It has been quoted that the size of the digital universe will at least double every two years, a 50-fold growth from 2010 to 2020. Human-and machine-generated data is experiencing an overall 10x faster growth rate than traditional business data, and machine data is increasing more rapidly at 50x the growth rate1.


This data deluge is impacting all organizations. What companies do with their data is what separates successful organizations from less successful ones. The more data an organization collects doesn’t equate to success. Often too much data can be counterproductive; it’s about turning this data into practical and actionable business analytics for the right audience at the right time. What the C-Suite wants to see from the data is different than what a product manager wants to see.


Focusing on the C-Suite

ResEvo focuses on selling to C-Suite customers as they are viewed as the “owners” of the data and the final decision makers who need the data. It’s about having the data in the moment you think about it - even if it’s in the middle of the night or when you are jumping in your car. Employees have noted improvements in company’s culture, simply from having the data and analytics readily available to all.


ASK.BI is a simple and intuitive tool where any C-Level executive can ask simple questions and get answers in real time. Additional, they can “slice and dice” the data and apply filters to drill down to specific data points. Any user can extract valuable high-level insights or dive into the details if needed. As Tomaz Bergant, CEO points out, “if you know how to “Google”, you know how to ASK.BI”.


Fulfilling a Need

Although business intelligence tools have been around for decades, the market continues to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of the business. Over the years, many BI tool styles have emerged to match the varied ways that business people need to analyze data.


ResEvo identified  this need and built an interactive solution ASK.BI – which has reinvented how users can access the information they need. Through a search based mechanism like Google or voice command query, managers can instantly access insights and analytics on any connected device anytime, anywhere just by entering keywords instead of time consuming data mining, report creation or ordering analysis.


Along with partners across Europe and Russia, ASK.BI is offered as a standalone, or embedded product to their customers across many different industries. Their flexible product is based on Hitachi Vantara’s scalable data integration and business analytics platform, known as Pentaho. ASK.BI can be installed on premises or in the cloud (i.e. Amazon, Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud)


Pentaho is “their window” into business intelligence. “If it wasn’t for Pentaho, ResEvo would not be in the business intelligence market. Hitachi Vantara’s data integration and business analytics platform is the foundation of their knowledge and software ResEvo” remarks Tomaz Bergant, CEO of ResEvo.


Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho Data Integration is used to consolidate data across all of their various systems, including ERP, CRM, HRM and SCM systems. Additionally, machine generated data is added to the mix.


Pentaho Mondrian OLAP server is the key component to ResEvo’s offering. End users can benefit from Pentaho Mondrian OLAP rich reporting features as well as high performing SQL queries. ASK.BI can be used as the “whole in one” analytical platform or can easily be integrated or embedded via REST APIs.


ASK.BI does what is expected from a modern business intelligence platform: “At the end of the day, business intelligence, is about answering business questions. The goal of ASK.BI is to become the C/PCC - Company/Production Control Center with a great user experience”.


Early Results

Compared to other BI platforms, ASK.BI’s search features enable end users to answer their business questions quicker – in fact anywhere from 10% to 90% faster.


ResEvo’s customers include many of Slovenia’s top 300 companies from different industries, i.e. telecommunications, energy, government and healthcare. Some of their customers include the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia, Petrol (energy), Impol (aluminium production), DonDon (food services - retail), Iskratel (telecommunications), Cosylab (control system engineering and integration) and the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce (government). Their portfolio of customers spans technology, oil and gas, government, and healthcare.


ResEvo’s specializes in helping retail, finance and production organizations. They are striving towards creating company control centers (CCC). They believe that “intelligence is built from motivation and   data”. Motivation encompasses an organization’s vision, mission and values. In addition to these core principles, ResEvo firmly believe you need data and motivation to gain intelligence.


Bergant has stated that “Pentaho Mondrian has been an enabler and a key differentiator for his organization, especially as they embrace OLAP technologies.” Hitachi Vantara’s platform has empowered ResEvo to enter the big data world.



  • Pentaho provides ResEvo with IoT analytics which can handle their increasing volume, variety and velocity of data collected from their desperate sources.
  • The country-wide smart-cities initiative in Slovenia has driven ResEvo to be at the forefront of smart city technologies and the Pentaho platform has provided the necessary analytics, knowledge mining and predictions.
  • Improved progress to their CCC initiative with the help of Pentaho’s Weka and Mondrian technologies.


Click here to learn more about ResEvo.



Learn more about Asia’s Real-Time Governance (RTG) Centre.  Designed  to handle all the important events and natural calamities on real-time basis, leveraging e-governance technology and electronic communication.  The main features will include solutions from Hitachi Vantara, including Hitachi visualisation suite for matrix surveillance and public safety, Pentaho bi suite, for real time data analytics…


See main article here:

CPFL Energia.png


You could say that Brazilian energy company CPFL Energia is on a power trip – but one that benefits everyone it serves. CPFL provides power to over 9 million consumers as well as hospitals, traffic systems and other municipal organizations. To keep pace with growing demands for power, CPFL initiated a digital transformation program and converted their operations to an intelligent power distribution network with the Hitachi smart grid universe.


Today, CPFL has one of the most up-to-date, automated electricity network databases in the industry, allowing it to identify and deliver programs that drive positive results for both customers and stakeholders. CPFL invests in projects that improve the quality of life and promote the socio-environmental development of the communities it serves.


Globally, enterprises are interested in learning more about CPFL’s inspirational story and gaining insights from its digital transformation. But delivering a more efficient energy program and sharing its success in an effective manner are two different things. Here’s how CPFL shared its story, gained industry recognition, and garnered additional value for the company through a well-planned customer advocacy program.


1) Networking Opportunities

CPFL shares its experience as a Hitachi ambassador with other energy companies. The “More agility to service electric consumers” case study demonstrates how the company’s increased agility in data processing improves customer service and worker safety. Read the Portuguese-language case study


CPFL also receives invitations to share its story at events such as the Flash Memory Summit 2017, where Marcio Felix, Information Technology and Security Manager at CPFL, presented a session with Hitachi. View the presentation


2) Gaining Visibility

The company remains visible with initiatives such as the “CPFL in Schools” project that encourages conscious energy consumption. Read the press release (Portuguese).


CPFL also gained visibility through significant social media coverage of its transformation journey to provide high-quality services and safety for their customers.


  • Hitachi LinkedIn post featuring CPFL’s successful transformation received 26,000+ views, making it the most popular Hitachi post of the summer.
  • Hitachi Facebook post featuring CPFL success story garnered 5 times more views than an average Hitachi post.


3) Being Recognized

Good work often gets rewarded. CPFL was nominated for the Hitachi Transformation Award, which resulted in additional exposure for the company, including:


4) Inspiring Others

What goes around, comes around. By sharing its transformation journey and the benefits of a smart grid universe, CPFL shows other organizations how they can drive positive change for the business, customers and society as whole. The company inspires its employees and peers by investing in projects such as their Efficient Communities Program to promote smart energy consumption to customers.


5) Motivating Its Team

You’ve heard the phrase, “All for one and one for all.” CPFL actually walks the talk. Announcing successful project outcomes is an easy and effective way to promote awareness of your team’s efforts, reinforce the value of team members and keep employees motivated. CPFL proudly acknowledged its team’s success, and now they are eager to tackle the next challenge.


Hitachi Vantara Customer Advocacy Program

At Hitachi Vantara, we help companies like CPFL Energia receive the recognition they deserve with a customer advocacy program that goes beyond case studies to sharing successes, building brand awareness and more. By sharing transformation experiences, your organization can help others understand the challenges and benefits of innovative technologies, while building awareness of your organization in the global business community.


Don’t hold back your digital transformation success. We’ve helped many companies gain positive brand exposure with informative case studies, videos and infographics – and we can do the same for your organization.


Learn more about Hitachi Vantara Customer Voices


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To Space Pole and Beyond!

Posted by cchaffey Employee Mar 7, 2018

Three Belgian Science Institutes Accelerate Data Delivery After Discovering Hitachi Vantara


What is discovery but the realization of what has always been there? For three Belgian organizations at the research forefront of weather, climate, Earth and beyond, discovery is the daily mission. 


The Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium, the Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy and the Royal Observatory of Belgium collaborate as the Belgian Science Policy’s space hub, aka Space Pole. The Belgian Science Policy provides the interface between the research world and partnering countries and institutions. Space Pole engages more than 500 scientists, Ph.D. students and administrative staff.


Belgian Space Pole space picture.png


Leading research partners around the world — and around the clock — rely on Space Pole data to deepen their understanding of our universe. Massive data volumes are generated, processed and analyzed to support further exploration across the space sciences. Unfortunately, Space Pole’s continual data growth and subsequent storage were becoming untenable and costly, jeopardizing computing capacity and performance.


Discover how Space Pole implemented  an Hitachi storage architecture to boost data access and relevancy, slash costs by 50% and supply stellar business insights to partners.


“For us, 24/7 availability is a must, and we simply cannot afford to lose instrument data from cutting-edge satellite missions and scientific experiments. The Hitachi solution gives us the reliable storage we need.”


— Johan Bulcke, IT Manager, Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy



Reduced management time, restore and rapidly recover mission-critical business applications, 24/7 business continuity, faster backups..



See how Hitachi Customers across different industries protect their data with Hitachi Data Protection solutions



SFS Group Solves Business Continuity Challenges with Hitachi

Read how manufacturer, SFS Implemented Hitachi Data Protection Suite powered by Commvault to backup, restore and rapidly recover mission-critical business applications.


With HDPS, we gained a single solution that delivers all the capabilities we need, enabling us to harmonize processes across the company.”


Synergy Takes Data Protection and Disaster Recovery to New Level with Hitachi

Learn how Synergy achieves 24/7 data replication with SANs at two data centers and supports its SAP environment and VMware virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) with Hitachi data protection and disaster recovery solutions

“The Hitachi solution was the most cost-effective, in terms of total cost of ownership (TCO), and delivered on all the features that we needed, including high availability, scalability and performance.”


K&H Bank Speed Up Performance, Data Analysis and Backups With Hitachi

Read how K&H Bank, part of the KBC group accelerate mission-critical services with Hitachi enterprise storage management, flash and data protection solutions.

“…we cut recovery time by 50%, from 30 hours to 15 hours.  The faster backup and recovery process makes it much easier to meet our recovery time objectives.”



DATEV Keeps Customer-Facing Systems Online 24/7 with Hitachi All-Flash Solution

Read how DATEV case study to learn how this company implemented a using two pairs of Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G800 all-flash arrays to keep customer-facing systems online 24/7.

With Hitachi solutions, we know that systems will always be available around the clock. Not only does this enable us to meet tough SLAs and keep customers happy, but it also frees up time so that we can focus more time and energy on developing innovative new digital services.”


Driving Compliance and Efficiency, Eliminating Silos, Managing Unstructured Data, Improving Back-up and Data Protection. 


See how our customers, across industries are benefiting from Hitachi Content and Cloud solutions.



Accident Exchange Drives Data Compliance with Hitachi Content Platform

“If you want to be compliant, prove the document is authentic, want somewhere where they can remove the object from the application – be agnostic to the application, do automated data deletion, if you want to put multiple files, formats and sources into the platform, remove data silos then the Hitachi Content Platform is the perfect fit.”

Ray Ford, CTO, AIS Group

Video -


    Managing 80 million objects! The 5th largest hospital in Austria transformed with Hitachi Cloud Solutions

“Our repository is working as an archive system, and also as a real-time system. He {Employees] has not to look in different silos, he can get all the information out of one viewer.”

Elmar Flamme, CTO, Klinikum Wels-Grieskirchen

Video -


     Photobucket Pictures Better Business Efficiencies With Hitachi Cloud Services

“The partnership with Hitachi [Vantara] enables us to focus on the customer, keep our data center footprint to a minimum, and move to an operational, expenditure-based cost model. These are extremely important priorities for us.” Tom Munro, CEO, Photobucket

Infographic -


Shandong Telecom (part of China Telecom) Manages Rapidly Growing Unstructured Data with

Hitachi Content Platform

“Since implementing the Hitachi Content Platform, we improved efficiency of backup and recovery by over 30%.”

Zhao Mingming, IT Operation and Maintenance Manager, Shandong Telecom (part of China Telecom Co., Ltd).



SiTV Builds Private Cloud for Media Assets with Hitachi Content Platform

With greater speed that is now possible through HCP, SiTV transformed work operations.  It moved awat from the many manual operations to a self-service systsm.  This change reduced the cost of operation by 50% and reduced the video recall time from hours to minutes.

Case Study -

“Excellent performance.” “It saves my data center footprint, power and cooling.”   “…reliable, efficient and fast”   “..performance is six time faster…” "Implementation Was Easy."


See and hear how our customers benefited since implementing Hitachi Flash solutions with success stories, peer reviews and 3rd party research.


Broadway Video

"Hitachi’s flash technology is reliable, efficient and fast. It improves the performance of business-critical applications by eliminating storage bottlenecks and consistently delivering immediate response rates."  Stacey Foster, president and managing director, Broadway Video Digital and Production



Magyar Telekom (subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom)

“Customers expect their apps to run fast, and internet pages loading at a snail’s pace makes for dissatisfied customers.  To boost performance of data-intensive services, a high-speed storage platform is crucial.  With Hitachi Accelerated Flash functionality for Hitachi storage, performance is six time faster…”



Japan Post Bank

Flash storage deployed for critical systems used in over 20,000 branches throughout Japan

Online processing performance increases


NCF Group – Financial Services

“Now, we can rapidly respond to business demands.”  Yiguang Zhao, NCF Director of IO Operation and Maintenance

For more customer success, please vist:





“Excellent performance and low cost” CIO, Manufacturing


“Implementation Was Easy. Performance And Stability Was Perfect For Us.” Team Manager, Manufacturing


More 5 star reviews -


+ Gartner report : Hitachi Placed In Leaders Quadrant for Solid State Arrays.




“It saves my data center footprint, power and cooling. Performance is sub-milli second. Easy management included with active-active storage feature. Overall, it’s the complete package” IT Architect, Global 500 Computer Services Company.

Source: Techvalidate -


“Performance for critical virtual workloads has improved, thus improving productivity for our customers.”   IT Vice President, Large Enterprise Health Care Company

Source: Techvalidate -


“Excellent performance. Have increased application run processing times by 10 fold.”  Chief Information officer, Small Business Insurance Company

Source: Techvalidate :

BOE Technology Group is one of the World’s Biggest Public Companies (Forbes Global 2000, 2017 ranking).  Their products are widely used in a broad spectrum of applications, such as mobile phone, tablet, notebook, monitor, TV, vehicle display, digital information display, healthcare, finance and wearable devices.


Looking to increase availability and performance for end users.  BOE implemented a new virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) cloud, based on Hitachi Storage, NAS, Flash and Data Protections solutions and implementation services.



“BOE Technology Group needed to transform its work and operations by implementing a new, more agile virtual desktop cloud environment.  With Hitachi solutions and services, we were able to achieve this.”


Read more at: