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We asked our customers to share their successful outcomes since working with Hitachi.


Here are just a few from across our APAC region in banking, telecoms and manufacturing.


Keep checking back Hitachi Customer Voices for more customer success from around the globe.



Japan Post Bank

A major Japanese financial institution, aimed to maintain stable system performance and to provide optimal service to its customers.  With Hitachi Flash the bank eliminated drops in processing performance caused by dramatic increases in the volume of data being processed and improved performance for online and batch processing.


Read the full case study here


Shandong Telecom (part of China Telecom)

Established in 2002, Shandong Telecom is the largest fixed-line service and the third largest mobile telecommunications provider in China.  For greater data security and to manage rapid growth of unstructured data, Shandong Telekom implemented Hitachi Data Protection and Object Store solutions.


Read the full case study here


PI Industries

PI Industries Ltd (PI), a pioneer of agro-chemical manufacturing in India, is the leading manufacturer of agricultural fertilizers in the country. To support rapid growth and meet performance demand, PI Industries implemented an enterprise-class SAP HANA, supported by Hitachi and Brocade solutions.


Read the full case study and infographic here

Part of a global company, itelligence Nordic provides SAP support, management and consultancy to some of the largest businesses in the Nordics.  We spoke with itelligence Nordic’s Sales Manager for Managed Services, and their Director of IT Infrastructure.


Challenge - Switching to SAP HANA

Sales Manager for Managed Services: “In recent years’ demand for managed SAP services has grown dramatically, particularly with the arrival of SAP HANA.  In fact, 50% of our hosting pipeline is based on clients choosing to migrate to SAP HANA.  We fully expect that to increase as SAP reduces support for SAP applications running on other platforms.”


Director of IT Infrastructure: “Many companies are under pressure to reduce operating costs for business-critical SAP applications. Fewer and fewer companies wanted to put up with the cost and hassle of managing the underlying IT infrastructure themselves, and this was preventing them from making a positive decision to switch to HANA...”



Solution - Hitachi Unified Compute Platform for SAP HANA

Director of IT Infrastructure: It’s like playing with Lego!  We can add blocks to clients’ systems in as little as 10 to 15 minutes and just keeping adding blocks until the environment reaches the maximum memory limit as imposed by SAP.  Above that limit, and without the introduction of proprietary multi-socket extensions, SAP requires the environment to be a scale-out solution, as opposed to scale-up solution.  The beauty of UCP is that we can use the same building blocks to support both scale-up and scale-out SAP HANA environments, enabling us to support clients as they grow.”


Outcomes - Delivering Stellar Services to Customers

Director of IT Infrastructure: “Running SAP HANA on Hitachi UCP enables intelligence to offer truly pay-as-you-grow services, which is a real deal-winner for clients.”


Sales Manager for Managed Services: “Thanks to the flexibility of the UCP solution, we can deliver exactly what our clients want, increase satisfaction and keep ahead of the competition.”


Excerpts from: itelligence Nordic Delivers on Client Demands for Stellar SAP Services with Hitachi Unified Compute Platform.

SFS Group manufactures mechanical fastening systems and precision-formed components, employing over 8,000 people worldwide with sites across Europe, North America and Asia.


Patrick Bichler, the Head of Infrastructure, Corporate IT at SFS Group shared on implementing a back-up solution for mission-critical business applications.


Challenge – Business Continuity

“We rely on our 20 mission-critical SAP applications running around the clock.  If our core business applications were to go down unexpectedly, the impact would be huge.  We wanted to be able to restore data from our SAP applications as quickly as possible, to ensure business continuity.”


Why Hitachi

“Previously we used IBM and NetApp technologies for data protection.  With HDPS [Hitachi Data Protection Suite], we gained a single solution that delivers all the capabilities we need, enabling us to harmonize processes across the company.”





“Instead of having to monitor different administration consoles, we now have a single tool, enabling us to spend 20% less time of data protection management.  What’s more, we’ve been able to fully automate backup policies using HDPS, so we need to worry about scheduling or running back-up jobs, even when deploying new systems from scratch.”



“We have demanding recovery time objectives, and in the event of disaster we must be able to restore any SAP system within one hour.  With the HDPS solution, we can recover even our mission-critical databases in just eight minutes using the IntelliSnap revert feature.”


From: SFS Group Implements Hitachi Data Protection Suite to Back Up, Restore and Rapidly Recover Mission-Critical Business Applications.  For Full Case Study Click Here.

GRZ IT Center specializes in providing IT services for leading regional banks in Austria.  Daniel Eckerstorfer, System Engineer at GRZ IT Center, recently spoke with Hitachi Vantara about creating a private cloud than could compete with their public cloud competitors.


For Full Case Study Click Here


Moving to a Private Cloud

“Companies increasingly migrate workloads from their own data centers into the cloud. It has become commonplace that customers expect pricing for on-premises solutions to match offerings by cloud providers.  To see off this fresh wave of competition, we set out to offer high-quality and high-performance IT services to our banking clients for the same price as established public cloud platforms, and with enhanced security and control.”



Why Hitachi

“We looked at proposals from several leading vendors,” recalls Eckerstorfer. “Ultimately, we decided to go with Hitachi because the solution represented superb value for money.  In the past, we have had excellent experience working with Hitachi, so we knew we could count on them. For support during the implementation, we engaged with the services team and they provided excellent solution deployment skills.”


Maintaining a Competitive Edge

“In total, the Hitachi solution has enabled us to cut costs by over two thirds and match the price of public cloud storage, such as Microsoft Azure. By offering top-quality IT services at competitive prices, we can satisfy our customers’ expectations.”



Excerpts From GRZ IT Center Gains Private Cloud Security and Control at Public Cloud Prices.  For full story Click Here

And the envelope, please…


Hitachi Vantara and Hitachi Consulting are proud to announce Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) as the winner of the inaugural 2017 Hitachi Transformation Award.


MLA strives to be the recognized leader in delivering world-class research, development and marketing outcomes that benefit Australian cattle, sheep and goat producers. Working with the Australian Government and the red meat industry, MLA invests in initiatives that contribute to producer profitability, sustainability and global competitiveness.


MLA has a vision to drive digital transformation in their industry. They are using technology in a new research and development (R&D) project underway in Queensland, aimed at allowing value chain partners to share and mine data to benefit their operations. They evaluate a series of typical data streams generated by weather stations, soil moisture probes and water trough monitors that are now integrated with process intelligence and data analytics to support almost real-time management decisions and forecasting.


Sean Starling, General Manager for Research, Development and Innovation, explains:

“Hitachi’s sensor-driven data collection and process analytics will assist Australia’s red meat industry to identify their own processes and pain points along the whole value chain to better manage, measure and improve supply chain operations as far as on-farm operations and down to individual animals.”


The announcement was made public today at Hitachi NEXT 2017, which Hitachi is hosting at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. We are here at NEXT 2019 to share insights and innovations that are powering the digital revolution. A big part of this effort is sharing the inspirational success stories of more than 20 customers who are leading the way with their transformation journeys. These leaders have generated energy and excitement at the conference, sharing stories of their real-world experiences.


The Hitachi Transformation Award is for companies who are using Hitachi Group solutions to accelerate their business transformation in innovative and successful ways. Representing diverse geographies and industries, five companies made it to finalist status for the first annual Hitachi Transformation Award.


I want to thank all of our award finalists: CPFL, Curtin University, Meat & Livestock Australia, Spin Master and Wiggle.


   Logos for Customer Voices.jpg



These innovators think differently about data as a strategic advantage – whether it’s enabling business and operational success, transforming business models, growing market share or innovating to compete. We recognize and acknowledge the substantial business outcomes that each of the award finalists have achieved for their organizations.


This year’s winner, MLA, was selected by an exclusive Judges Panel made up of Hitachi Vantara executives and prominent industry Influencers, and we thank them for their participation.



After careful consideration, the judges chose MLA as the most influential story of transformation.

Accepting the award on behalf of MLA was Dr. Nigel Tomkins, R&D Manager Grass Fed Beef, Meat & Livestock Australia and Ben Dwyer, Chief Operating Officer, Australian Cattle & Beef Holdings.


We’re delighted to present Meat & Livestock Australia with the first Hitachi Transformation Award in recognition of the substantial benefits they have achieved through accelerating business transformation. Through data analytics and driving IoT- led decision-making, MLA is helping foster the productivity and profitability of the Australian red meat and livestock industry,” said Brian Householder, president and chief operating officer, Hitachi Vantara.




MLA will enjoy this title for the ensuing twelve months, until Hitachi NEXT 2018 in San Diego, CA. A representative from MLA will become a member of our 2018 Judges Panel and help select next year’s winner.


Congratulations again to Meat & Livestock Australia!


View the MLA Video

NEXT 2017 Community

Hitachi Transformation Award

See how our 2017 Hitachi Transformation Award finalists are using data to transform their business.



  • CPFL (Energy) – See how CPFL, a leading energy company, supports their customers with Smart Grid and greater automation to help minimise the time of any power outage.
  • Curtin University - See how Curtin plans to improve the student experience using data and analytics.

  • Spin Master - Paw patrol, Meccano, Etch-a-sketch to name a few - Spin Master produces some of the biggest names in children's entertainment. See how they use data to maintain a competitive edge.

  • Meat and Livestock Australia - See how MLA are using cameras, sensors, data analytics and IoT to transform their industry in Australia. 

  • Wiggle – See how Wiggle is using data to transform from e-retailer to a global leader.

Ahead of the launch of our Transformation Award finalist video’s at Hitachi NEXT 2017 (18-20 Sept), we are sharing some behind the scenes images, screen shots and facts about our finalists. 


Check back here for more Meet the Finalists


Over the past 100 years, CPFL Energia has become a complete energy company, with businesses in distribution, generation, commercialization of electricity and services.



CPFL was founded in 1912  (making them 2 years younger than Hitachi).  Today, they are considered one of the largest companies in the Brazilian electric sector with over 9.1 million customers.



To celebrate 100 years, CPFL launched the The CPFL Digital Memory Project.  This is an unprecedented project to commemorate the 100 years of our history, recording the company's trajectory from first-hand testimonials. Learn more at:



CPFL HQ is based in in São Paulo State - with more than 45 million inhabitants in 2017, São Paulo is the most populous Brazilian state.  A person born in the city of São Paulo is known as a "Paulistano" and one who is born in the state is called a Paulista. 

For more on São Paulo  click here:



To learn more about CPFL -

Transformation Award Finalists and Honorable Mentions -

Ahead of the launch of our Transformation Award finalist videos at Hitachi NEXT 2017 (18-20 Sept), we are sharing behind-the-scenes images, screen shots and facts about our finalists. 

Check back here for more Meet the Finalists.


Spin Master is a leading entertainment and toy manufacturer. They transformed from a small, single product toy company into a leading global, diversified, multi-platform and highly innovative children's entertainment company.

Spin Master’s mission is to Push the Boundaries of Innovation, Creativity, and Fun, and their vision is to Make Life More Fun.


In 2017 Spin Master received three TOTYs: Innovative Toy of the Year for Hatchimals; Vehicle of the Year - Star Wars X-Wing vs. Death Star, Rebel Assault branded Air Hogs and License of the Year for PAW Patrol. Since 2005, Spin Master has received 82 TIA Toy of The Year (TOTY) nominations, with 21 wins across a variety of product categories. Spin Master has been recognized with 13 TOTY nominations for Innovative Toy of the Year, more than any of its competitors.

Spin Master’s HQ is in Toronto Canada.  Toronto is one of the largest production centres for film and television, and the home of the Toronto International Film Festival.  In 2017, Canada celebrated its 150 birthday.


To learn more about Spin Master  -

Transformation Award Finalists and Honorable Mentions -

Ahead of the launch of our Transformation Award finalist video’s at Hitachi NEXT 2017 (18-20 Sept),  we thought we’d share some behind the scenes images, screen shots and facts about our finalists. 


Check back here for more Meet the Finalists later this week



Curtin University is Western Australia’s largest and most culturally diverse university with Australia’s third largest international student population.



Curtin is ranked in the top one per cent of universities worldwide in the highly regarded Academic Ranking of World Universities 2017.




Curtin is ranked second in the world for Mineral and Mining Engineering in the QS World University Rankings

by Subject 2017.      



Curtin is ranked the 26th most international university in the world in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2016.


To learn more about Curtin University visit -


Transformation Award Finalists and Honorable Mentions -


Meet the Finalists - Wiggle

Posted by cchaffey Employee Aug 31, 2017

Ahead of the launch of our Transformation Award finalist video’s at Hitachi NEXT 2017 (18-20 Sept),  we thought we’d share some behind the scenes images, screen shots and facts about our finalists. 


Check back here  next week for more Meet the Finalists




    Wiggle is a global online retailer of cycle, run, swim and outdoor equipment and apparel .






      The majority of people that work at Wiggle are tri-sports nuts and this is reflected through their passionate service and

      technical knowledge.




    Wiggle have highly trained engineers that test every bike before it goes out the door. 



   Wiggle HQ is based in Portsmouth, the home of the HMS Victory and HMS Warrior.  We took some time to visit the Historic

    Docks and Spinnaker Tower



    Wiggle’s global distribution centre in Wolverhampton, shipping across 70 countries.  The site provides 30,000m2 of distribution           space and is roughly three-times the size of a rugby pitch. 



To learn more about Wiggle -

Transformation Award Finalists and Honorable Mentions -

Given the pace at which digital innovation is disrupting industries globally, it’s not surprising that most organizations feel pressure to find and deploy digital technologies as fast as possible. Their customers expect it. You can bet their competitors are exploiting it. The good news for our clients? Hitachi is an expert in it.


Every day, we see our customers driving transformation within their organizations. Now, we want to illuminate these amazing stories, whether it’s addressing new and challenging markets, developing disruptive products, taking the user experience to new levels or combining OT and IT for new insights and efficiencies.


The Hitachi Transformation Award program was created to honor our clients’ accomplishments and showcase these journeys. This annual award recognizes the companies who use Hitachi Group solutions to accelerate their business transformation in innovative and successful ways.


The award will showcase businesses and IT leaders that think differently about data, viewing it as a strategic advantage – whether that’s enabling business and operational success, transforming business models, growing market share or innovating to compete.


As this is the inaugural year for the Hitachi Transformation Award program, you can imagine the enthusiasm and anticipation around it. We solicited nominations from around the world, spanning many industries and geographies. There were stories from manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, retail, banking and more. With so many inspiring stores, it was difficult to choose the finalists.


Without further ado, here are the finalists for the Hitachi Transformation Award 2017 (in alphabetical order).

Read the Press Release and see more about each finalist.


award finalist collage_LinkedIn.jpg


The top finalists will be featured in video success stories at Hitachi NEXT 2017, held September 18-20, 2017 in Las Vegas NEXT 2017, and the winner will be declared at the NEXT 2017 event.


Additionally, we recognize the following Honorable Mentions for their stories of transformation:


Each company exemplified the transformative qualities mentioned above and deserved to be recognized. We hope they inspire you as much as they have inspired us.


Stay tuned to see who wins the Hitachi Transformation Award.

Focus Award.png

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Building awareness is one of the most important things you can do to promote your company and demonstrate success. When you do, it’s important to convey a sense of who the company is and why it’s unique. But, you also want the company to be seen by the right people in the right environment.


At Hitachi, we created our Customer Advocacy program to help you promote your organization and raise your professional profile at the same time.


Ready to engage? Here are five ways you can spread the word and gain greater visibility:


1. Leverage Social Media: Use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blog posts to share your expertise and build a following. By presenting the challenges you faced with a recent engagement – and how you solved them – you can deliver a compelling story that your peers will gain value from. You can also follow industry thought leaders such as Hu Yoshida, Chief Technology Officer of HDS, and comment on their posts with relevant information about your company.


2. Speak at Industry Events: National conferences, regional events and even local speaking engagements all offer opportunities to get face-to-face with customers, peers and the media. To arrange speaking engagements, talk with partners and vendors about upcoming events and learn what topics will be most relevant. Find out about seminars or break-out sessions that can add extra exposure.


3. Network with Peers: Hosting reference calls/tours and attending conferences like NEXT 2017 are great ways to network with peers and raise your profile. By joining advisory groups, user groups and online communities, you can collaborate with peers and uncover new ideas, spark innovation and strengthen your industry relationships.


4.  Share Best Practices and Thought Leadership: Blogs, media interviews, case studies and videos are all ways your company can show how you solved a difficult challenge that improved your journey to digital transformation. These activities bolster an already successful reputation for your company – and demonstrate your industry expertise.


5. Provide Product Reviews: Evaluating products and services at highly visible industry sites can showcase your experiences and provide valuable insights to peers – it can also guide the development of new products features. For example, Gartner’s Peer Insights™ makes it easy for you to provide reviews on products and services. Many industry analysts and trade publications publish reviews, and this can extend your organization’s positive image.


Your success is unique. It’s time to tell the world.


There’s never been a better time to gain exposure for your organization. Using these five methods is a great way to start boosting your visibility – and by continually refining your efforts, you’ll reap tremendous benefits. Check back regularly for more tips.


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It seems that everything we do today begins and ends with data. And, we’re all in it together.  Let me share one of my favorite examples of a company who has made great strides transforming its business with data.


Who doesn’t want to have fun on the job? For one successful company, fun is the job.


Canadian-based Spin Master is in the business of making toys that “wow” kids and parents. Many of us grew up with an Etch A Sketch to help artistically pass the time on those long car rides in the back seat with annoying siblings, right? And, kids the world over love Zoomer Dino and PAW Patrol. Spin Master has a TV and media division that brings many of its characters to life on the small screen. Today, Spin Master is one of the largest toy companies with happy customers and distribution in 160 countries.


What’s not so fun is spending too much time and money running a toy company. While business growth is good, unmanageable data growth is not so good. Spin Master is firmly focused on innovation, but has had to contend with recent mergers, acquisitions and industry trends, which hampered abilities to make data-driven decisions quickly.


With fast growth and so many changes, the data landscape at Spin Master was starting to resemble the floor after playtime — scattered with a sense of chaos.


Data-intensive processes and web-based analytics happen across time zones, and searches, some of which as those related to litigation task, can take thousands of hours for a single case. From customer data and product development to point of sale (POS) systems and application development, Spin Master wanted a holistic approach to managing its digital enterprise.


Pravine Balkaran is the global head of IT for Spin Master. He spoke to us about his vision for doing just that. “IT must move at the speed of the business, and that means capturing and using data streams from every avenue. The business strategically looks at market data, what competitors are doing and potential acquisitions. We look to build the right IT foundation with the right partners and tools to capitalize on disparate data streams.”


So, how does this playmaker orchestrate a digital transformation as its customer base, the industry and the data landscape continually evolve? Make a play date with Hitachi.


We worked with the Spin Master team to develop a cohesive data analytics ecosystem based on Hitachi UCP for SAP HANA. The solution delivered everything Spin Master needs to unify, manage, govern and analyze across datasets for accelerated productivity. Balkaran expressed his appreciation for our commitment to Spin Master’s success. “We gained nimble end-to-end integration and accelerated how we process jobs and provide service across time zones. We automated and standardized core procedures. And, we have a trust factor with Hitachi. The knowledge and willingness of Hitachi folks to listen and help us devise a plan that addresses any challenge we might encounter — that is what a partnership is all about.”


We love the synergy: Spin Master builds great things and delights its customers. We like to think we do the same thing.


Want to learn more about the Spin Master solution?

As part of Raiffeisenbank International AG, one of the leading banking groups in Central and Eastern Europe, Raiffeisenbank a.s. is the country’s fifth largest bank by asset volume, and one of the fastest growing banks in the Czech Republic. 


With their focus on growth, Raiffeisenbank needed fast and reliable access to business, financial, customer and marketing data.  Tomas Jaburek, Head of IT Operations at Raiffeisenbank explains “Sound managerial and financial decisions and a detailed knowledge of our clients are essential for execution of our business strategy that is focused on dynamic growth.”



With a new solution supporting their data, Raiffeisenbank users have much faster access, and a comprehensive, contextual view of the client, which will ultimately improve the bank’s services.  “The data warehouse is more powerful, the users are more satisfied and the bank is able to meet regulatory requirements, as well as be more agile in responding to business and market developments thanks to ready access to quality data for decision-making processes” explains Jaburek


Learn more at: Raiffeisenbank Accelerates Data Analysis Infographic and Case Study

Unified Compute Platform for Oracle

Hitachi Customer Voices

A Place to Share your Experiences and Showcase Your Accomplishments


At Hitachi, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. So, it’s not surprising that we want to recognize, celebrate and share the amazing things our clients – that means you – are doing to innovate and transform their businesses through Hitachi’s enabling solutions. To showcase your accomplishments with the world, we created Hitachi Customer Voices – a community destination where you can interact with and learn from your peers.


It’s easy to get caught up in the daily agenda of delivering excellent work for our organizations. But when we do, we miss the opportunity to revel in our accomplishments – and share them with people who know how hard we work. So, we’ve designed our community site to change that.


We created Hitachi Customer Voices to facilitate connections with your peers and industry experts – to share experiences, gain knowledge and broaden your exposure to the amazing digital transformations taking place all around us. You’re here because you have a unique story to tell and valuable insights to share. And so do your peers.



In addition to facilitating peer-to-peer interactions, we’ll feature informative blogs, insightful videos, fact-filled infographics and other useful content. You’ll see other organizations gain positive brand exposure through a variety of vehicles.


  • See an infographic on Rabobank, a Netherlands-based financial services firm that transformed data governance and compliance while improving continuity and availability.
  • Read a case study on Spin Master, a Canadian children’s toy manufacturer that used analytics to drive revenues, innovation and loyalty with a responsive, secure, integrated data ecosystem.
  • Watch a video on Australia’s Curtin University, and see how its smart campus vision enhances the student experience, improves classroom learning and drives industry collaboration.


We can do the same with your organization. From our perspective, we see customer advocacy as more than case studies about successful technology implementations. We see it as an opportunity to build awareness of your company’s brand in the global business community – and for you to learn from like-minded people at other enterprises.


This community will continuously evolve – just like business does. We want it to reflect what’s happening in global business and to keep you ahead of the curve. But, to ensure the content is fresh and valuable, we need your input.


So, let’s get started. Join a conversation or start one. Ask questions or give answers. Write a blog. Participate in a Q&A. Most of all, share your knowledge with the rest of us – and we’ll do the same with you.


Thanks for being part of our new community. It means a lot to us. We plan to update regularly, so check back often. And let us know what you think.


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