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Nandor Szentkiralyi
Hello.  Our Pentaho reports all have datasource of type custom Table (as opposed to JDBC, etc.) such that the data is built and sent into the report at runtime.  When it comes to subreports, we set the Visible property for each subreport row based on the current main/parent report guid each time the subreport is run (using an import-parameter). … (Show more)
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Tony Forrest
Hi   We have a VSP with 4 x HDT pools and 3 x HDP pools and there is a requirement to report on the usage of each of these pools on a weekly basis. What is the simplest way to automate this such that a weekly email is produced showing the usage %?   I can easily obtain this information by running "raidcom get pool -key opt" but I'm having… (Show more)
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Carsten Petersen
Hi.   I am wondering why it is not possible to configure RAID1 (1D+1D) in VSP Gx00? A VSP G200 would be so much more competitive if it could be configured with just two FMDs in 1D+1D, instead of minimum four in 2D+2D or 3D+1P. (Not counting spares...)   I would like to get your point of view on this matter. Perhaps it could turn out to be a… (Show more)
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Hi All,         Currently i am using Pentaho Community Edition , BI server created some dashboard with Information from MYSQL , Please let me know how can i display these dashboard to Core 2.1 Web Application   Thanks SUJIL THAVDIATT            
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Alan Freeman
Hi I'd like to connect to Pentaho from within Excel. Any guidance on the connection string to use would be helpful. I've tried searching but most of the hits relate to the opposite problem, which is how to set up ETL from Excel into Pentaho. My problem is the opposite: since I have many potential users who are focussed on excel, I'd like to see… (Show more)
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HTnM Report Generator v1.1.2   Is an Automatic Hitachi Report Generator for Tuning Manager software.   How to use & requirement:   - Operating System DATE FORMAT MUST this "nnn mm/dd/yyyy"  [MANDATORY]     Example: Tue 12/21/2015    How to check: C:\Users\>echo %date%   - Specify jpcrpt.exe location at HTnM Report-JPCRPT file.     Example:…
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girish athanikar
Hi Team, I am able to run transformation job using AEL (Spark Engine) in PDI client. So my question is, How to run Pan and Kitchen using AEL (Spark Engine).?  
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Kishore Guntur
We have a requirement to show up the files that fall in specific date range. Our file system have folder structure something like <year>/<month>/<date>/<files Eg: 2018/12/21/sample.txt User can select a date range,like get me all files between 2018/01/01 - 2018/12/12
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Chika Emeka-Nweze
Please, is there any API for creating HCP Anywhere user account?
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elsa santos
Hello! How implement Multi-Tenancy in Pentaho 8.0 CE? In the documentation has the advertaisement: "Audience: This article is designed for architects and developers who are familiar with multi-tenancy and ready to consider applying their business requirements to parts of… (Show more)
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