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HDS Developer Resources: A 2015 Year in Review

Blog Post created by Jeff Maaks Employee on Dec 30, 2015

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I thought I'd kick off a new tradition of a year-end review of HDS' developer resources posted throughout 2015.  Here are some links to content related to APIs, DevOps, Open Source, and anything else that might be relevant to scripting or development.





Probably the biggest news for developers (especially those working with Big Data and analytics) is our acquisition of Pentaho.  As a company that was founded from an existing Open Source community, Pentaho is at the opposite end of the spectrum for developer enablement than we are at HDS.  We have a lot to learn from Pentaho's developer community, and I'm looking forward to continue picking the brains of our new colleagues.logo-pentaho-n.png


Hitachi Content Platform

One of the best content areas for developers is the The specified item was not found., which has been around since we launched the HDS Community in 2013. In addition to the HCP code mentioned below in the Open Source section, a number of great contributions for HCP were posted in 2015:


Open Source

My colleague Manju Ramanathpura is driving HDS' Open Source initiative, and in 2015 we released a few projects:

  • librsyncWrapper - A thin Java JNI wrapper around the C librsync library, making it easy to use the librsync library from Java code.
  • comet - Custom Object Metadata Enhancement Toolkit
  • HCP SDK for Python 3 - HCPsdk provides a simple SDK to access an Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) from Python3.  It handles name resolution, multiple sessions spread across all available HCP nodes, persistent connections, and recovery from failing connections.
  • HCP Metadata Query Tool - Another HCP tool from Thorsten Simons that enables you to query an Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) based on operations on objects happened in the past.  It facilitates the Metadata Query Engine integrated in HCP to list object metadata for all or a subset of the data stored in HCP.


Stay tuned, as we'll be releasing more software as Open Source in 2016, and building out HDS' presence on GitHub.


Adapters for Microsoft and VMware

We published a number of 3rd-party adapters in 2015 for our storage and compute products, including Microsoft applications and VMware vCenter Operations Manager.  And yes, I know you shouldn't have to go to a sales rep or a partner for these adapters.    I'm working on making these easier to find and obtain...stay tuned.  In the meantime, check out these videos:


Hitachi Adapters for Microsoft Applications


Hitachi Storage Adapter for VMware vCenter Operations Manager (vCOps)


Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Management pack for VMware vCenter




Tools for Hitachi Enterprise Storage and Tuning Manager

Over in the Scripting area, ERIEK REGANDONO release several interesting tools:

  • Enterprise Offline Viewer - A tool that can view configuration (offline) for Hitachi Enterprise Storage subsystems, extract all data to HTML/CSV/Excel, build raidcom script, horcm, etc.
  • rEplication List MakEr - Simple tools to get list of Hitachi replication from Hitachi Enterprise Storage subsystems
  • HTnM Report Generator - An automatic Hitachi Report Generator for Tuning Manager software.



Hitachi Virtual Infrastructure Integrator

Paul Morrissey posted a detailed blog series about the Hitachi Virtual Infrastructure Integrator:



Hitachi Universal Compute Platform



In June 2015, HDS: Hitachi Data Systems Announces Availability Of Kubernetes On The Hitachi Unified Compute Platform.  A few blog posts on Kubernetes:


Unfortunately, the link to the setup guide in the white paper is broken.    Another one I'm working on to get fixed...


UCP Director API

Anil Erduran posted a very informative series on the UCP Director API:


Hitachi Cloud Services

Quite a bit of good information about Hitachi Cloud Services were posted:


Hitachi Cloud Service for Content Archiving Documentation


Hitachi Cloud Service for Content Archiving On-Ramps Guides


Using s3fs with Hitachi Cloud Services - Content Archiving

Also, Leland Sindt posted a how-to about usingHitachi Cloud Services - Content Archiving  and s3fs


...and one more thing

And of course, a shameless plug for my recent blog posts in the Developer Network Blog:


...and a couple on LinkedIn:


Did you learn something new or see anything I missed?  If so, drop a comment below and let me know.  Oh, and have a safe and Happy New Year!  I look forward to providing you more and better developer-oriented resources in 2016!