• Need clarification on Pan and Kitchen

    Hi Team, I am able to run transformation job using AEL (Spark Engine) in PDI client. So my question is, How to run Pan and Kitchen using AEL (Spark Engine).?  
    girish athanikar
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  • Is there a way to retrieve the contents of multiple directories with one HTTP call.?

    We have a requirement to show up the files that fall in specific date range. Our file system have folder structure something like <year>/<month>/<date>/<files Eg: 2018/12/21/sample.txt User ca...
    Kishore Guntur
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  • User Creation API

    Please, is there any API for creating HCP Anywhere user account?
  • How implement Multi-Tenancy in Pentaho 8.0 CE?

    Hello! How implement Multi-Tenancy in Pentaho 8.0 CE? In the documentation https://help.pentaho.com/Documentation/8.0/Developer_Center/Multi-Tenancy has the advertaisement: "Audience: This article is designed for arch...
    elsa santos
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  • javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: Received fatal alert: handshake_failure

    Hi All,   I am trying to connect to SalesForce from Peataho 6.0.   After giving all the details in SalesForce_Input, I am getting the below error   "javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: Received fata...
    Nilesh Purohit
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  • In HAD there is user input plugin, the details of usage are as below

    1. I want to use this plugin to show LDEVs and chekboxes for user to select the particular Ldevs (which is working for me.) 2. I want to send this selection to python based plugin that will perform the virtuliation f...
    Mandeep Singh
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  • Powershell: user authentification

    Hello Community, when working with PowerShell, the first step is to Add the Subsystem (Add-StorageDevice). When this is done the first time, the user is prompted for User/Password. Is it possible to promt the user E...
    Steffen Zimmermann
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  • report on space reclaimed by ZPR

    Hi, We currently do adhoc ZPR's on our pools via HCS batch jobs. I'f like to automate this , 25 % of the pool a week  on a monthly cycle. I'm new to scripting / command line  but I've found the runzeropager...
    Gary Matthews
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  • API usage obtaining a list of Agent for RAID instances

    I have started to dabble in the HTnM API a bit and have been using the API guide. https://support.hds.com/download/epcra/hc2184.pdf I am able to make the initial request https://hostname:port/TuningManager/v1/configu...
    jordan smith
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  • Protect LDEvs

    To avoid human errors with Shadow Image, are there any ways to prevent that somebody could replace an LDEV with data of another LDEV. We want to protect LDEVs that belongs to our production environment. The only thing...
    Javier Arjona
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  • HUR Replica - Time Drift

    Hello           One of our customers has a long distance DR implementation between two VSP, using HUR and FCIP switches. Because regional limitations, links are slow.  ...
    Pablo Bucich
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  • How to fetch Used Capacity for LDEV's in GB and group by several LUN's (for example one Server)

    Hi there,   We have the following situation. We migrated from another Storage-Vendor to HDS G1000.   Now i would like to have the following.   I want to have a CLI Command, where i can provide a Serv...
    Roman Feigenwinter
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  • Is there any API or CLI that can query the Label of an LDEV or LUN?

    I've looked high and low and can't seem to find an API or CLI command that returns the Label given to a LUN or LDEV.  I see commands that update or add labels, but nothing that returns a list of LDEVs or LUNs wit...
    Brandon Stiff
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  • HCP Anywhere API - Unable to Generate Token

    Hi there,   I am having issues in trying to use the HCP Anywhere APIs. We are on VERSION: 2.1.1 and I have a user that has Admin role but I cannot generate a valid token.   Please, I would appreciate you i...
    Chika Emeka-Nweze
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  • How to add supervisor role to HNAS user ?

    The REST API Server does not enforce authentication on its own. Rather,the API server forwards credentials and the NAS server enforces authentication. For file storage, the username must have a role of supervisor. ...
    Sven Weidenmann
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  • VStorageArray API returns an empty result

    Hi all,   I'm querying data from multiple management systems: vCenter is telling me ESX servers are connected to a Hitachi system with id 444440 (based on naa). However the HiCommand StorageArray API does not ...
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  • Can we fetch NAS details for VSP G Series using SMI-S API???

    Embedded SMI-S Provider on Service Processor(SVP) for Hitachi VSP is giving SAN details (like Disk Drive, Storage Pool, Storage Volumes, Array Group, DP Pool). How can I get NAS details?? Questions 1. Does NAS has a s...
    Pavan Kumar Varanasi
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  • Can't connect to VSP-G storages by using SMI-S

    Hello experts,   I'm trying to gather configuration information from Hitachi arrays  by using SMI-S. I have no issue to discover configuration information for AMS and HUSVM storage arrays because I just co...
    Dmitry Paymulov
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  • JAXB ClassCastException

    @Good Morning,   I'm trying to write a Java application that writes an XML/KML file using JAXB.  I'm encountering the following error, and can't seem to find a solution.  I've tried all the articles on...
    Jonathan Hock
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  • SMI-S Connectivity

    Hi All,   I wonder if you can help me.  I am working with CA with implement Unified Infrastructure Management via SMI-S.  We are hoping to use the embedded SMI-S on the SVP on port 5989.   Below ...
    Lee Gilchrist
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