• Need clarification on Pan and Kitchen

    Hi Team, I am able to run transformation job using AEL (Spark Engine) in PDI client. So my question is, How to run Pan and Kitchen using AEL (Spark Engine).?  
    girish athanikar
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  • VSP G1000 - Bash Script to report on Hardware Status using SNMP

    Using Storage Navigator make the changes as shown below to add the SNMP monitoring station.   2. Obtain the MIB file VSPG1000MIB.txt file from the Customer Tools CDROM and place in the home directory.  &...
    Vinod Subramaniam
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  • Using mongodbinput INFO: Closed connection [connectionId{localValue:2, serverValue:67}] to localhost:27017 because the pool has been closed.

    Aug 21, 2018 7:31:57 AM com.mongodb.diagnostics.logging.JULLogger log INFO: Closed connection [connectionId{localValue:2, serverValue:67}] to localhost:27017 because the pool has been closed.  
    jm arellano
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  • I've over expanded several VVOLs and want to reclaim, they haven't been allocated on the windows server yet?

    recovering vvol space.
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  • Need of a hitachi nas simulator. Please help

    How and where can I download hitachi NAS simulator
    akshay b vyas
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  • Can we fetch NAS details for VSP G Series using SMI-S API???

    Embedded SMI-S Provider on Service Processor(SVP) for Hitachi VSP is giving SAN details (like Disk Drive, Storage Pool, Storage Volumes, Array Group, DP Pool). How can I get NAS details?? Questions 1. Does NAS has a s...
    Pavan Kumar Varanasi
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  • Python scripting using raidcom

    Any python programmers on the list? I've used perl for many years but recently got introduced to python and I'm beginning to really like it. So, I've been working on a python Class module to abstract a lot of the deta...
    Victor Engle
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  • Why is the Powershell HNAS Snapin Module throwing an error for Recovering Filesystems?

    Hi all,   First time poster here and looking/working with automating the promotion of specific HNAS Filesystems contained within EVS's from Object Replications.   I downloaded the Hitachi HNAS Powershell S...
    Sean Doyle
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  • SMI-S Connectivity

    Hi All,   I wonder if you can help me.  I am working with CA with implement Unified Infrastructure Management via SMI-S.  We are hoping to use the embedded SMI-S on the SVP on port 5989.   Below ...
    Lee Gilchrist
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