• API integration errors

    Hi Team, I am working with few ISVs to who are integrating their software with HCP REST APIs using public end points. They are facing some issues while working with these end point, these could even be some bas...
    Sumeet Tandure
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  • Map provider

    Hi there, I would like to ask, why after I used Google API key and used google map engine in map component Advanced Properties in CDE, the map display has watermarked as OpenStreetMap instead on Google map only?  ...
    Zunnur CBN
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  • I am getting 404- Not found error when i am trying to upload text file using c#

    I am getting 404- Not found error when i am trying to upload text file using c#. I am getting true for all certificates. I am passing destination folder path - https://tryanywhere.hitachivantara.com/userportal/#...
    sushma vishwakarma
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  • Do we have the "Using the HCP HS3 API" Guide for 8.x?

    I cannot find the 8.x guide.  i have the 7.x guide.
    Bobby Rountree
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  • How to add supervisor role to HNAS user ?

    The REST API Server does not enforce authentication on its own. Rather,the API server forwards credentials and the NAS server enforces authentication. For file storage, the username must have a role of supervisor. ...
    Sven Weidenmann
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  • HCI Dealing with Open Files

    HCI and Open Files:   Assuming this is HCI Connector related, but the question has come up about how our CIFS and NFS Connectors deal with open files?  Do the process them or throw an error?   Thanks,...
  • Building NAA Number for a LUN

    I am trying to build the NAA number for all the LUNs created on our Hitachi based storage infrastructure. Is there someone who have tried to the same thing or knows the exact steps.   I know what it is the struc...
    Claudiu Nesa
    created by Claudiu Nesa
  • How to change HCP 8.0 (evaluation) network configuration after migration into new subnet?

    Hi,   Our company uses multi-node HCP 8.0 evaluation.   Recently we had to migrate into a new location with a new (different) network subnets. Is it possible to change network configuration (IP addre...
    Pavol Rachel
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  • How to filter subreport data in (custom) Table datasource?

    Hello.  Our Pentaho reports all have datasource of type custom Table (as opposed to JDBC, etc.) such that the data is built and sent into the report at runtime.  When it comes to subreports, we set the Visib...
  • Weekly email showing VSP HDT/HDP pool usage %

    Hi   We have a VSP with 4 x HDT pools and 3 x HDP pools and there is a requirement to report on the usage of each of these pools on a weekly basis. What is the simplest way to automate this such that a weekly ...
    Tony Forrest
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  • ASP.net Core With Pentaho Dashboard Integration

    Hi All,         Currently i am using Pentaho Community Edition , BI server created some dashboard with Information from MYSQL , Please let me know how can i display these dashboard t...
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  • Excel connection string

    Hi I'd like to connect to Pentaho from within Excel. Any guidance on the connection string to use would be helpful. I've tried searching but most of the hits relate to the opposite problem, which is how to set up ETL...
    Alan Freeman
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  • Need clarification on Pan and Kitchen

    Hi Team, I am able to run transformation job using AEL (Spark Engine) in PDI client. So my question is, How to run Pan and Kitchen using AEL (Spark Engine).?  
    girish athanikar
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  • Is there a way to retrieve the contents of multiple directories with one HTTP call.?

    We have a requirement to show up the files that fall in specific date range. Our file system have folder structure something like <year>/<month>/<date>/<files Eg: 2018/12/21/sample.txt User ca...
    Kishore Guntur
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  • User Creation API

    Please, is there any API for creating HCP Anywhere user account?
  • How implement Multi-Tenancy in Pentaho 8.0 CE?

    Hello! How implement Multi-Tenancy in Pentaho 8.0 CE? In the documentation https://help.pentaho.com/Documentation/8.0/Developer_Center/Multi-Tenancy has the advertaisement: "Audience: This article is designed for arch...
    elsa santos
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  • Pentaho - Call Stored procedure with 1 input parameter and Refcursor output (multiple output fields) with multiple rows

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is he right place to post as 'm new. Excuse me if it wrong and please tag to right group who can help for a solution. I'm trying to get the output of a stored procedure in oracle that has...
    Sirisha Reddy N
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  • PDI AEL(yarn-client mode) Error

    I want run pid at yarn-client mode so I did my best to to but every times I got same error message. some one who can running PID(yarn-client mode) please reply me.   ERROR (version, build 8.1.0....
    jaeho kim
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  • HIAA Rest API : What does reserved field mean?

    Hi I am looking at the REST API exposed for HIAA. In that looking to use the "RAID Agent records (collection via the command device)" where there are different PD or PI records details. I see that for PI_PTS records,...
    Aarti Ranade
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  • Pentaho Report Integration with Java

    You can help me with the Pentaho Report Integration with Java NetBenas 8.0.2