• Adding Third Virtual Network to HCP

    This document shows how to add the Third Virtual Network in HCP
    Joe Quaill
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  • Is there any problem put small data(xKBs) in HCP S series?

    Hi-guys. I'm sanGhoon S-Korea.   I have Questions about configuration HCP S series.   HCP S series protect data Thourh EC(Erasure Coding).   In HCP S series, HCP divide data into 64MB Chunks called e...
    Sanghoon Lee
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  • HCP G200 replace with S31

    We plane a HCP life-cycle where HUS130 and S30 will be replaced. We do not want to install S30 while S31 is the replacement soon.   Can we use an temporary G200 and replace it later with S31 ? ATR will do it ,...
    Sven Weidenmann
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  • A Better Big Data Ecosystem with Hadoop and Hitachi Content Platform (Part2)

    In the part 1 of this series, we introduced the challenges our customers currently face with storing data long term in Hadoop. In this blog, we’ll discuss how the new Hadoop functionality brings object storage c...
    Nick DeRoo
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  • HCP with Symantec EV (whitepaper, 2013)

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