• How can I get paged results off a folder GET request using REST API?

    Hi!   I have a namespace at https://namespace1.tenant1.hcp.mycompany.com/ (names not real). At the root folder of this namespace millions of other folders were created.   Now I need to use the REST API to ...
    Jose Marcelo Silva Fascio
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  • Chunked/Partial file transfer using REST API

    I referred the REST API document, it has examples in JAVA for Chunked/Partial file transfer. Is there a .NET sample code available. How to write below java code in c#     ByteArrayEntity requestEntity = new...
    Praveen b KP
    created by Praveen b KP
  • HS3 API for DotNet applications using Network credentials(Windows Auth)

    I created a sample app using Amazon S3 nuget package to access HCP as shown below.   using Amazon.S3; using Amazon.S3.Model; using System; using System.Net; using System.Security.Cryptography; using System.Text;...
    Praveen b KP
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  • Are there plans to enhance The Hitachi Content Platform Metadata Query Engine Console - version so that the export of query results can contain additional detail?

    In addition to Size, I would really like to include Dates for ingestion and retention exipiration as well as Retention Class   When exporting the results, and a filter is turned on, the export should contain onl...
    michael favero
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  • Token based Namespace Access

    Would like to know, is there any Json Web Tokens based namespace access solution available on HCP?   we can't share the base64 encoded credentials to Client locations to get access to the name space. All the acc...
    Madan Prabhu D
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  • HCP API for DotNet Core

    I have been using HCP API for some of my .Net applications. I have a common .Net library which does the HCP API calls for these apps. It works as expected. I recently had to use it for a .NetCore 2 in a application an...
    Praveen b KP
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  • Question about Wildcard Certificates

    Hi there,   We have an HCP virtual appliance used for testing which uses the default self-signed certificate.  When you look at the certificate, it contains *.[system FQDN] which makes sense. One problem we...
    Adam Marcionek
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  • HCP HS3 metadata query

    HCP metadata query using HS3 API.   i am creating custom metadata while object archiving and can able to query the objects using HCP metadata query(xml) API. I am in the process of converting to HS3 and i am not...
    Srinivas Mulpuri
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  • HCP Chargeback for the whole HCP

    I’m trying to put together a script that will pull chargeback reports from HCP using MAPI/REST API in automated way.   HCP GUI allows me to pull chargeback report for the whole HCP, but MAPI documentation ...
    Aleksandr Rainchik
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  • XML namespace support in Content Classes?

    Hi,   We have designed out annotation schema as an XML that includes namespace definitions, ie:   <ns2:mdh xmlns="http://www.example.org/contextual/mdh-trading.confirmations-schema" xmlns:ns2="http://www...
    Vincent Leycuras
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  • How to get Object Listing in chunk (with limited objects)?

    Hi, I am newbie for this platform and I am working on HCP object listing feature. I have a lots of data on HCP store and I want to list all that one by one with the pagination size limit so that my program's overloa...
    Tej Kiran Sharma
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  • connect Java application to HCP via HCP Rest API

    I need to connect Java application to HCP via HCP Rest API. I found many documentation but didn’t get which API we use for to connect via HCP rest.
    sandeep sharma
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  • Tools and Open Source (used by Document Viewer on Developer Assets tab)

    Tools and Open Source   HCP SDK for Python 3 HCP Metadata Query Tool Using HCP MQE Tool v1.0 HCP Access Log Collector HCP Request Analytics HS3 Shell - Interact with S3 storage HCP Chargeback Report Colle...
    Michael Ratner
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  • HCP Request Analytics

    hcprequestanalytics reads HTTP access logs from log packages created by Hitachi Content Platform (HCP), loads the content into a SQL database and runs SQL-queries against it to provide information about topics like: ...
    Thorsten Simons
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  • 1-2-3 Go!

    You have read the introduction and familiarized yourself with some of the important Hitachi Content Platform concepts. Do you want to take HCP for a spin now?  Here is how you do this:   1.  Download ...
    Michael Ratner
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  • HCP RESTful APIs (used by Document Viewer on Developer Assets tab)

    HCP RESTful APIs: Developer Documentation and Sample Code   HCP supports the following RESTful APIs: HCP REST (Hitachi REST API) HCP HS3 (Amazon S3 compatible REST API) HSwift (OpenStack Swift compatible REST...
    Michael Ratner
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  • Experience with COBOL programs calling to JAVA for HCP API REST?

    I have a case porting a owner user application in z/OS and COBOL with PDF's repository in DB2. We like to do the ingest and PDF recovery from HCP and I'm looking for experiences in similar scenario. The core of applic...
    Francisco Munoz
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  • HCP SDK support for metadata ingest for object and metadata query

    HCP SDK gave me good understanding of performing GET/PUT/DELETE/HEAD operations. However i could not able to get proper documentation related to custom metadata processing and query using metadata.   Is HCP SDK ...
    srinivas M
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  • HCP Metadata Query Tool

    HCP Metadata Query Tool   This tool is able to search for a subset of system metadata properties that are set and managed by HCP at time of object ingest. The search tool focuses on a specific subset of these ...
    Amy Townsend
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  • HCP S3 Code Example using Boto and Python

    Boto v2.39.0 with Python 2.7 Example   S3 access requires that you convert your username/password to the namespace to base64 and md5sum respectively. Access Key: base64 of the tenant name or username that can a...
    Nick DeRoo
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