• Adding Third Virtual Network to HCP

    This document shows how to add the Third Virtual Network in HCP
    Joe Quaill
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  • Setting up HCP SSL certificates

    This document describes the steps required to setup SSL certificates on HCP.  Certificates allow applications (browsers and/or homegrown apps) to protect information sent over HTTP.  When an SSL certificate ...
    Michael Ratner
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  • Performance Monitoring w/ ELK - Part II: Monitoring HCP Access Logs

    Introduction Logstash Configuration Input Section Filter Section Output Section Elasticsearch Indexes and Managing Indexes w/ Kibana Visualizing Elasticsearch Data w/ Kibana Monitoring HCP ...
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  • HCP Replication Certificates

    Open video

    Thomas Massano
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  • ATR versus Storage External Storage

    ATR works like a charm since long time. But, it needs a lot of time. What, if an HUS150 will be placed behind an G400 and let the storage to do Storage Migration ? Instead of up to 9 month and more just a few days ...
    Sven Weidenmann
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  • Is there a Demo License for HCP ?

    HCP requires no demo or trial license.  If installed w/o a license for experimentation purposes, up to 2TB can be written before alerts go off.  After that we’ll warn, but not enforce limits; If the wa...
    Steven Looby
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  • Can I use CIFS, NFS or WebDAV with S-node backend?

    No.  Never do this.   Namespaces using NFS, CIFS or WebDAV should NOT use S10, S30, S11, S31 or public cloud.  We require service plans that are wholly backed by G10 nodes or SAN. If there isn’t...
    Steven Looby
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  • HCP G200 replace with S31

    We plane a HCP life-cycle where HUS130 and S30 will be replaced. We do not want to install S30 while S31 is the replacement soon.   Can we use an temporary G200 and replace it later with S31 ? ATR will do it ,...
    Sven Weidenmann
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  • What is SNMP trap format for HCP?

    I want to integrate HCP with my SNMP monitoring tool, so I want to know the SNMP trap format so I can design the appropriate response for events
    Joshua Eddy
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  • Can I mix 1.9TB and 800GB SSD on HCP G10 ?

    Yes. However you need to make sure the software is version (v7.3.2) or higher to recognize the 1.9TB Also realize, the object count is limited to 800M/node when installed with smaller 800GB SSD.   It's also O...
    Steven Looby
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  • HCP Load Balancing Best Practices

    The goal of this document is to outline vendor agnostic data lifecycle when using a load balancer with HCP and the best practices for configuring the load balancer under specific requirements.
    Michael Ratner
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  • REST Developer Guide

    Hitachi Content Platform Developer’s Guide: Building Open Applications on the Hitachi Content Platform using the HCP REST API by HCP Engineering Version 2.1 (Revision 27)
    Ab de Kwant
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  • Performance Monitoring w/ ELK - Part I: Installing ELK

    Introduction Installing ELK Step 1: Disable Firewall or Open Ports Step 2: Install Java Step 3: Install Elasticsearch Step 4: Install Kibana Step 5: Install Logstash Conclusion Introduc...
    Ben Clifford
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  • I want to list the files present in a given directory

    I want to list the files present in a given directory.I n developer guide it's mentioned to use query param "type=directory"..It does not work..Its giving me "400 BAD request" in the response.. Whats the correct que...
    Kishore Guntur
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  • Troubleshooting Issues with Amazon AWS Java SDK

    Hi, this is just a quick post to share a particularly helpful method for troubleshooting issues between a Java client application and the HCP S3 Gateway. Most Java based software will allow you to inject Java System P...
    Ben Clifford
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  • HCP Coding Best Practice

    This topic discusses HCP best practices for for optimizing REST I/O performance.   Small Object I/O - importance of directory distribution   HCP recommends that key names contain a bit of randomness which...
    Steven Looby
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  • How to monitor Hitachi content platform

    Dear all,   I am new to HCP environment, I want to monitor all information like Hitachi content monitor Could you please let me know about Hitachi content platform monitoring with Java REST API / MAPI API P...
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  • Are HCP G and S nodes Energy Star certified?

    If so, is there a certificate we can present?
    Scott Nyman
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  • Can I rename an HCP participating in a replication link?

    YES! This is a useful feature when you are required to change the FQDN of an HCP cluster, for example, after a datacenter move or company name change. There are a few steps that must be undertaken. First, the replicat...
    Ian Saunders
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  • Hitachi Content Platform with VMware ESXi 6.5 U1 Implementation Guide.pdf

    This guide provides steps in installing and configuring HCP Virtual Machine with VMware ESXi 6.5 U1.
    Federick Brillantes
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