• HTTP and HS3 API

    Hello,   I am checking API to access to HCP and i have some questions: -What is the difference between HTTP Restful API and HS3? -Do you have a Java library that encapsulates HTTP Restful calls? -To recover...
    miguel gras
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  • Does HCP supports "Universal Groups"?

    A customer wants to know 1. if HCP supports AD Universal Groups 2. if HCP supports connection to an AD forest (or only to AD domains). The latter I have found in the Admin Guide; one can configure the root domains of...
    Henk Hindriks
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  • HCP S10 fails to telnet to port 443

    Hi all,   I am having trouble when my HCP S10 connect to F5 device. F5 identify that port 443 from my S10 is down. I have tried to telnet it from my laptop and the result is failed to connect to port 443. Is the...
    Youke Irwansyah
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  • Active Directory pass through authentication with HCP ReST interface?

    I have been using a local HCP account for authentication (ReST interface "Authorization: HCP xxx:xxx" header) because there was an issue at some point with active directory authentication. I remember something about H...
    Doug Toppin
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  • Request HCP to retrieve a remote document and save it?

    I am interested in whether or not it is possible to send a put document request to the HCP but, instead of providing the document, passing a url that points to the document and having the HCP retrieve and put the docu...
    Doug Toppin
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  • Is there any problem put small data(xKBs) in HCP S series?

    Hi-guys. I'm sanGhoon S-Korea.   I have Questions about configuration HCP S series.   HCP S series protect data Thourh EC(Erasure Coding).   In HCP S series, HCP divide data into 64MB Chunks called e...
    Sanghoon Lee
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  • I want to list the files present in a given directory

    I want to list the files present in a given directory.I n developer guide it's mentioned to use query param "type=directory"..It does not work..Its giving me "400 BAD request" in the response.. Whats the correct que...
    Kishore Guntur
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  • How to monitor Hitachi content platform

    Dear all,   I am new to HCP environment, I want to monitor all information like Hitachi content monitor Could you please let me know about Hitachi content platform monitoring with Java REST API / MAPI API P...
    sara va
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  • When we select ''safety copies=2'' EV aware of that or not on HCP

    Hii All   We have integrated HCP to Enterprise Vault. But we have a problem with it. I just try to migrate vault store but always getting event 41261. EV says that I don't have any second copies for redundancy. ...
    Seccad Caglayan
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  • Chunked/Partial file transfer using REST API

    I referred the REST API document, it has examples in JAVA for Chunked/Partial file transfer. Is there a .NET sample code available. How to write below java code in c#     ByteArrayEntity requestEntity = new...
    Praveen b KP
    created by Praveen b KP
  • HCP management of multiple retention periods on objects

    Hello,   I'm trying to find information on how the hierarchy of multiple retentions is managed on HCP.   We have an actual stockage system with a certain volume of objects that are in 'different ages' of t...
    Estelle Charette
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  • Collective Access support for HCP

    Do we have HCP customers using Collective Access Software?
    Kobus Almon
    created by Kobus Almon
  • Data Migrator Active Directory Authentication

    We have a new HCP Object store and would like to use Data Migrator on a Windows PC to access a namespace. The HCP is configured to use Active Directory authentication. We can successful configure data migrator to ac...
    Nigel Budd
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  • Token based Namespace Access

    Would like to know, is there any Json Web Tokens based namespace access solution available on HCP?   we can't share the base64 encoded credentials to Client locations to get access to the name space. All the acc...
    Madan Prabhu D
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  • Are there plans to enhance The Hitachi Content Platform Metadata Query Engine Console - version so that the export of query results can contain additional detail?

    In addition to Size, I would really like to include Dates for ingestion and retention exipiration as well as Retention Class   When exporting the results, and a filter is turned on, the export should contain onl...
    michael favero
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  • HCP advanced queries

    How can I find all the documents whose path ends with 1? I tried the following, but it did not work. +(namespace:"XYZ") +(objectPath:"*1") Thank you in advance.
    Paolo Zanellato
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  • HCP Rest API for DotNet Core application

    Does HCP Rest API work in DotNet Core application?
    Praveen b KP
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  • HCP Log Collector connection issues.

    So, I'm working on setting up HCI and HCP Log Collector and I'm running into an issue when trying to get the HCP Log Collector to connect to the HCP nodes to collect the logs. I ran a packet capture on the server that...
    Aaron Smith
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  • Would you help me to better explain HCP 8.0 installation (validation) error?

    Hi,   Our company would like to evaluate HCP v. device (simulator). One node configuration can be configured easily but we have issues when trying to configure multi-node (4) configuration:   ...
    Steven Goldberg
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  • Question about Wildcard Certificates

    Hi there,   We have an HCP virtual appliance used for testing which uses the default self-signed certificate.  When you look at the certificate, it contains *.[system FQDN] which makes sense. One problem we...
    Adam Marcionek
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