• HCP command(MAPI or CLI) line to check the replication stratus with object counts

    Hi All,   I would like to collect the information for HCP replication status with object pending count through command like (MAPI or from Nodes ). Kindly some one help me on this.
    Gogul Natarajan
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  • HCP Object Ingested count for each tenant in CLI

    Hi All,   I would like to know the command to know the HCP Object Ingested count for each tenant in CLI. I can able to collect the tenant details "admin jvm tenant ", but I need Object Ingested count too.
    Gogul Natarajan
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  • HCP API Tenant and Namespace Usage details

    Hi All,   Using below command API (MAPI) we are able to collect the tenant hardquota, but we need collect the usage details for tenant. Please advise how to get the usage details for tenant and namespace.  ...
    Gogul Natarajan
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  • HCP management of multiple retention periods on objects

    Hello,   I'm trying to find information on how the hierarchy of multiple retentions is managed on HCP.   We have an actual stockage system with a certain volume of objects that are in 'different ages' of t...
    Estelle Charette
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  • Can I rename an HCP participating in a replication link?

    YES! This is a useful feature when you are required to change the FQDN of an HCP cluster, for example, after a datacenter move or company name change. There are a few steps that must be undertaken. First, the replicat...
    Ian Saunders
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  • Unable to add 4 storage nodes for HCP 7.3 Evaluation edition

    Hi,   I am trying to install HCP 7.3 Evaluation edition but when I start to install I am getting the following error message:    My network configuration:   Would you help me to understand w...
    Steven Goldberg
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  • Experience with COBOL programs calling to JAVA for HCP API REST?

    I have a case porting a owner user application in z/OS and COBOL with PDF's repository in DB2. We like to do the ingest and PDF recovery from HCP and I'm looking for experiences in similar scenario. The core of applic...
    Francisco Munoz
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  • Failback Replication Link and Discard Changes

    As part of DR exercise and after we failover the Replication link, is it possible to failback the replication link and discard any changes made to the replica? Any other way other than deleting the replication link?
    Roguen (DevNet Admin)
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  • Removal of VMDK in Production

    The manual has a section on changing the VMDK target size and states how to remove a VMDK that is NOT in production.   Is an explicit way to remove a VMDK disk that is already in production, can this be done?
    Roguen (DevNet Admin)
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  • Cannot use S3/H3 api to communicate with HCP on machine outside of subnet / domain. REST works.

    Cannot use S3/H3 api to communicate with HCP on machine outside of subnet / domain. REST works remotely or on the same domain / subnet. Sounds very similar to a bug fix listed in HCP 7.1 release notes "HCP-23866"...wh...
    Charles Hammitt
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  • HCP XML Curl query

    Taken this example XML from the HCP Metadata Query API Reference - page 93   Retrieving all operation records for all existing and deleted objects in a directory   Request body in the XML file named AllSal...
    Tony Constantine
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  • HCP Custom Metadata

    If you have built an application that uses HCP custom metadata capability, can you discuss the following? Application overview Use of custom metadata What you like and don't like about using HCP custom metadata ...
    Michael Gross
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  • HCP SNMP V3 support with SNMP4J

    I am using SNMP4J to connect to snmp agent on HCP simulator I have , I can do  get,walk etc fine with SNMPv2. When I change the version on snmp agent running on simulator to V3  via https://<ipaddress>...
    shradha upadhyay
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  • Curl usage with IPv6 and HCP V7.1

    Hi all together,   has anyone experience how to use Curl with IPv6 to connect an HCP running v7.1.   thank for you help   best regards   Ralf Siekierski
    Ralf Siekierski
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  • Copying file to HCP using s3fs

    Iam trying to copy a file oneg of 1gb in size but only 0 bytes copied on the HCP.  Reviewing s3fs logs doesn't show any errors. why is it so? s3fs pisaspoc /tmp/s3red -o nocopyapi -o use_path_request_style -o nom...
  • Commvault and HCP as Cloud Storage

    Hi,   i  tried to add HCP 7.1 as Commvault (11 SP5) Cloud Storage. Operation ended w/ error: Failed to check cloud server status. Commvault recommended to add nCloudServerCertificateNameCheck in Advanced ...
    Michal Marek
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  • HCP and Veritas EV Integration

    I have integrated HCP with Veritas Enterprise Vault for one of the banks last and it is working well.   I would want to know how can i position HCP without Veritas or any third part archiving application.  ...
    Pfarelo Masithulela
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  • Download a packaged content result of a MQE query

    Hi All,   Sorry for the wide distribution and for asking maybe a recurring question, but let’s try…   So just a short question, I’m trying to leverage the MQE capabilities. I would like...
    Cyril Vernet
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  • C# HS3 Unsupported media type

    I'm trying use HS3 through the .NET AWS sdk. I'm getting the following error when I try to put an object.   HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2017 14:55:01 GMT Server: HCP V7.2.3.18 Content-Type: app...
    Chris Robison
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  • Are you using WebDAV?

    Let us know if you are a WebDAV user on any storage platform and share with us your use-cases.
    Ab de Kwant
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