• Guideline or example F5 Load Balancer to HCP

    Anybody have some kind of basic configuration guide or hints about configuring HCP behind an F5 Load Balancer?   I do see a couple of White Paper around HCP Load Balancing Best Practices:   HCP and HCP Any...
    Clifford Grimm
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  • Sharing level on Enterprise Vault

    We are planning to use HCP for Enterprise Vault, in User Guide of HCP, I find that "Share within Vault Store" is recommanded and "Make sure that Share within group is NOT selected". But why? Before using HCP, we used ...
    Bryce Pan
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  • How can I be assigned an HCP Specialist?

    We are quite far along in our HCP development, and would like to be assigned an HCP Specialist to work with.
    John Sawyer
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  • Is there any problem put small data(xKBs) in HCP S series?

    Hi-guys. I'm sanGhoon S-Korea.   I have Questions about configuration HCP S series.   HCP S series protect data Thourh EC(Erasure Coding).   In HCP S series, HCP divide data into 64MB Chunks called e...
    Sanghoon Lee
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  • Is it possible to quickly delete a directory with its contents?

    In HCP, is there a way to quickly delete a non-empty directory in a namespace, or even delete all data in a namespace? Recursive delete through HCP data migrator is failing with 6 million objects. Trying to delete a ...
    Marek Kaszycki
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  • is HCP on VMware essentially the same code as HCP on a G node?

    We want to use the VMware version in test / Dev but have production on Gseries nodes.
    Peter Mallon
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  • Chinese text

    I have XML documents stored in HCP that contain an element whose value may contains special characters e.g. Chinese Text and some others. The text/value gets replaced by question marks while going through an HCI pipe...
    Roguen Keller
    created by Roguen Keller
  • HS3 SKD available?

    A customer of us wants to use the HS3 protocol to access the HCP, Is there an SDK available for them to use or is the strategy to use the AWS S3 SDK and for the other/extra REST functionality use the HCP REST SDK?
    Durk Jilderda
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  • Exchange 2016 Journalling with HCP SMTP

    Anyone have any good instructions on how to configure Exchange 2016 with Journalling that writes to HCP?
    Clifford Grimm
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  • Service responsible for clearing out rehydrated content from storage tier

    Have a situation where an HCP is running out of local managed storage.  Customer doesn't want to add additional storage, but instead perhaps tier content to another tier.  But having issues with frequently u...
    Clifford Grimm
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  • Using HCP HS3 with AD Authentication

    HCP Documentation states that we can use Active Directory accounts for HS3 authentication by passing HTTP Header   Active Directory authentication To provide credentials for Active Directory authentication, you u...
    Aleksandr Rainchik
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  • what is HCP code 8.1.18-PL5 Do from pervious 8.1 code?

    Regarding HCP release codes . Anyone understand what is released in 8.1.18-PL5   I have 8.1 PL1 deployed but trying to understand PL5 as heard security fixes but cannot find info.   Anyone have detail on P...
    Brian O Sullivan
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  • I want to list the files present in a given directory

    I want to list the files present in a given directory.I n developer guide it's mentioned to use query param "type=directory"..It does not work..Its giving me "400 BAD request" in the response.. Whats the correct que...
    Kishore Guntur
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  • HCI: How to import custom metadata along with ingested files from HCP?

    I'm building a workflow in HCI to ingest files from HCP. The files are bzip2 compressed eml files and as they arrive on intermediate content servers, they have metadata extracted and stored alongside the original fil...
    Jill Ross
    created by Jill Ross
  • SSL Certificates for Multi Tenant HCP

    Is there a way to have per Tenant SSL Certificates in a multi-tenanted HCP env ?   The help docs on SSL certs for HCP use Subject Alternate Name method to create a single certificate with multiple alternate name...
    Jonathan White
    created by Jonathan White
  • How to monitor Hitachi content platform

    Dear all,   I am new to HCP environment, I want to monitor all information like Hitachi content monitor Could you please let me know about Hitachi content platform monitoring with Java REST API / MAPI API P...
    sara va
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  • Free trial to download Hitachi Cloud object storage

    Does Hitachi gives 30/60 day free trial to download Hitachi Cloud object storage supporting S3 protocol? If yes, could you please share me the link to download.
    Jill Ross
    created by Jill Ross
  • What is the maximum number of Replication Links on HCP?

    What is the maximum number of Replication Links on a 4 node HCP on 2 sites?
    Hassaan Pasha
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  • How to set administrator role using MAPI

    I have created a tenant using MAPI with an AD account which has security role on it. Now I want to set the role administrator for that user on the tenant, can you explain me how to do this, because I can't make it wor...
    Team StorageOpen
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  • How can I get paged results off a folder GET request using REST API?

    Hi!   I have a namespace at https://namespace1.tenant1.hcp.mycompany.com/ (names not real). At the root folder of this namespace millions of other folders were created.   Now I need to use the REST API to ...