• No Response from cURL POST query

    We are trying to use a single POST query that will return details about all objects AND sub-directories directories within specified paths. When I try the cURL command it doesn't respond with anything, no er...
    Jim Ash
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  • HCP tier to Oracle Cloud 

    any one setting HCP 8.0.x tier to oracle cloud s3 compatible object storage. and oracle cloud bucket located not in home region. like home region at Ashburn but need tier to tokyo's bucket. got the following error m...
    Thomas Tsai
    created by Thomas Tsai
  • Advice on Retention Classes

    We have the following scenario involving HCP 8.1 & we want to manage the following customer lifecycle using the MAPI (ideally nothing done manually):   1. A prospective client's data needs to be held for 5 y...
    Richard Humpherson
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  • How many disks can be concurrent failures when HCP s10/S30 with different disk counts?

    How many disks can be concurrent failures when HCP s10/S30 with different disk counts? "sustains 6 concurrent failures " I can only find the tips from manual. For S30 max 960 disks also only can support m...
    Dianrong He
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  • new factsheet hcp with s11/s31

    Is there a new version of the datasheet for HCP? with S11/31 nodes in it? The old one is useless now?   file:///home/chronos/u-05e9ffab36b5e8acb0fe26d3c18f1f5c9fa34ffa/MyFiles/Downloads/HCP%20Datasheet%20Feb2017...
    Durk Jilderda
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  • Does HCP supports "Universal Groups"?

    A customer wants to know 1. if HCP supports AD Universal Groups 2. if HCP supports connection to an AD forest (or only to AD domains). The latter I have found in the Admin Guide; one can configure the root domains of...
    Henk Hindriks
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  • HTTP and HS3 API

    Hello,   I am checking API to access to HCP and i have some questions: -What is the difference between HTTP Restful API and HS3? -Do you have a Java library that encapsulates HTTP Restful calls? -To recover...
    miguel gras
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  • REST call - 403 Forbidden when trying to set hold=true

    Hi - What prevents this type of PUT request from succeeding?       <pathToHCPFile> + "?hold=true"   The document "Managing the Default Tenant and Namespace" says that WRITE access...
    Richard Humpherson
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  • How to purge folder in HCP namespace with versioning enabled?

    I'm using Hitachi Data Migrator (HCP DM) and trying to remove files and folders from the namespace where versioning is enabled. I can delete files using Purge option, so no old versions are preserved. However deleting...
    Aleksandr Rainchik
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  • Guideline or example F5 Load Balancer to HCP

    Anybody have some kind of basic configuration guide or hints about configuring HCP behind an F5 Load Balancer?   I do see a couple of White Paper around HCP Load Balancing Best Practices:   HCP and HCP Any...
    Clifford Grimm
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  • Does the RAM memory of the G10 nodes support ECC?

    Need to know if ECC is supported to work on and RFP. Regards!!
    Claudio Rubello
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  • HCP S10 fails to telnet to port 443

    Hi all,   I am having trouble when my HCP S10 connect to F5 device. F5 identify that port 443 from my S10 is down. I have tried to telnet it from my laptop and the result is failed to connect to port 443. Is the...
    Youke Irwansyah
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  • KGS SAP Archive Link integration to HCP

    Hi Team,   we are currently working with an ISV KGS who try to integrate their SAP Archiving solution (based on SAP Archive Link) via HCP REST integration into our HCP 8.1 platform. They run into an error messag...
    Jan Kobza
    created by Jan Kobza
  • Active Directory pass through authentication with HCP ReST interface?

    I have been using a local HCP account for authentication (ReST interface "Authorization: HCP xxx:xxx" header) because there was an issue at some point with active directory authentication. I remember something about H...
    Doug Toppin
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  • Request HCP to retrieve a remote document and save it?

    I am interested in whether or not it is possible to send a put document request to the HCP but, instead of providing the document, passing a url that points to the document and having the HCP retrieve and put the docu...
    Doug Toppin
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  • ASK for DNS-Config with G10 and S30 under Linux

    Hi all,   we are looking for an example of an DNS-Configuration for an HCP-G10/S30 Installation on an Red HAT Enterprise Linux Server with 7.6. We have problems with the configurration on the S-Nodes in the DNS....
    Ralf Siekierski
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  • SSL Certificates for Multi Tenant HCP

    Is there a way to have per Tenant SSL Certificates in a multi-tenanted HCP env ?   The help docs on SSL certs for HCP use Subject Alternate Name method to create a single certificate with multiple alternate name...
    Jonathan White
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  • Sharing level on Enterprise Vault

    We are planning to use HCP for Enterprise Vault, in User Guide of HCP, I find that "Share within Vault Store" is recommanded and "Make sure that Share within group is NOT selected". But why? Before using HCP, we used ...
    Bryce Pan
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  • How can I be assigned an HCP Specialist?

    We are quite far along in our HCP development, and would like to be assigned an HCP Specialist to work with.
    John Sawyer
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  • Is it possible to quickly delete a directory with its contents?

    In HCP, is there a way to quickly delete a non-empty directory in a namespace, or even delete all data in a namespace? Recursive delete through HCP data migrator is failing with 6 million objects. Trying to delete a ...
    Marek Kaszycki
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