• JavaScript Plug-in CMRest out of range of int

    Hi all,   In the  Configuration manager Plugin javascript code I am querying the  LDEVs via Objects API   See below sample line of code  pVolStorageDeviceID and curange are  variable (I...
    Shaik Akram
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  • In HAD there is user input plugin, the details of usage are as below

    1. I want to use this plugin to show LDEVs and chekboxes for user to select the particular Ldevs (which is working for me.) 2. I want to send this selection to python based plugin that will perform the virtuliation f...
    Roguen Keller
    created by Roguen Keller
  • HAD with AWS for service provider

    Question from a hosting service provider regarding HAD: "Can we deploy a agent or not in a single AWS account and then in the service template specify a role ARN. At the moment we have several hundred accounts, each ...
    Calvin Wong
    created by Calvin Wong
  • HAD VMware connection issue

    Hi, I have problems to connect my HAD version 8.4.1 to vSphere 5.5. HCS environment is running completely on one Windows 2012 R2 server. Now, when I'm testing "Connections to VMware vCenter" I always get error messag...
    Timo Tiihonen
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  • Domain Type Schema with JSON file

    Hi all,   I am trying to use  "External Resource provider" to get values for a Input property. The External Resource provider is a simply getting the values from a json file that  is created from CMRe...
    Shaik Akram
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  • javascript Plugin for CM REST API - snapshot groups

    Hi,   I am trying to use the javascript CM REST plugin and tried to obtain snapshot group info. in rest the url for snapshot groups is 'snapshot-groups' however the javascript plugin does not allow this field. W...
    Ron Bruins
    created by Ron Bruins
  • Adding a "Non-VMware Host" to an existing Host Group.

    USE CASE Customer would like to automate adding a "New Host" to an "Existing Host Group" with LUNs already assigned that is a non-VMware host.   For new VMware hosts for the same use case above, they can levera...
    Richard Nguyen
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  • Notification when workflow fails in HAD?

    How do you configure notification when a workflow fails (one or more tasks abnormally exit for example)? The help for configuring email looks like it should, but we're not getting the notification.   In the help...
    Wayne Egli
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  • SMTP Configuration for email notification in HAD?

    How to use email notification with HAD? I see and have add the share service properties for SMTP server and the smtp port but the email notification plug-in doesn't work.   Here is what I get in the log:   ...
    Wayne Egli
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  • "Deploy and Setup OS on Virtual Machine" Template fail

    Hi HAD Experts,   Im trying the "Deploy and Setup OS on Virtual Machine" on version 8.5.3 but it fails. It deploys the template but when it executes the second plugin it fails to set the IP address of the VM. I ...
    Johnny Koen
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  • Can't set labels

    We recently upgraded to HAD 8.5.3 and when trying to execute the Allocate Fabric Aware Volumes for Generic Application Service we've noticed that we don't have the ability to set labels for the volumes anymore. We w...
    Julian Bici
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  • Support for x-www-form-urlencoded ?

    Any support for application/x-www-form-urlencoded? Currently ServiceNow in our environment can only call an API if it supports application/x-www-form-urlencode.   From the HAD REST API documentation doesn't seem...
    Julian Bici
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  • Max number of paths

    When using Allocate Fabric Aware volumes for Generic application for existing DeviceManager hosts, volumes won't get provisioned to all paths if number of paths > 2 .   If a HostGroup contains more than 2 pat...
    Julian Bici
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  • Does HAD support any other languages aside from javascript? e.g python, powershell

    Does HAD support any other languages aside from javascript? e.g python, powershell. Can I build a service plugin that executes a script written in python? If yes, what python environments are supported by default? Can...
    Julian Bici
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  • Allocating Fabric Aware Volumes Service

    We've been able to successfully implement allocating fabric aware volumes service and we have the ability to call the service via REST. We currently have only been able to successfully call the REST service for a si...
    Julian Bici
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  • HAD REST API : Override service group dynamically

    Hi I am trying to use HAD REST API to invoke allocate like volumes service. I have three storage arrays and I have created 6 allocate like volume services  (based different infrastructure groups and resource grou...
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  • Default volume label with allocate fabric aware volumes service?

    Is it possible to specify a default volume name based off the host selected? Our typical volume names match the host name we are allocating volumes to and would be nice to have a default there to reduce one more step ...
    Wayne Egli
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  • HAD Customize Schdule window

    Is it possible to customize the schedule task windows in HAD tasks? Customer want users will only be able to choise night time windows meaning 16:00 to 00:00 and to choise only working days, it is somthing that can b...
    Uri Tobol
    created by Uri Tobol
  • Allocate storage service selects ports at random?

    I'm working to build a service to allocate storage and starting with the provided templates like "Allocate Flash Volumes for Generic Application" but when I provision storage to an existing host it picks different lun...
    Wayne Egli
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  • Service-Now code?

    I'm looking for code to interact with ServiceNow. There was some code that was supposed to be part of the Hitachi course for HAD but it seems to have mysteriously disappeared and is not available.   I do have so...
    Wayne Egli
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