Mike Bates

Initial Experience with HCS 8.4.0-01 and the Storage REST API

Blog Post created by Mike Bates Employee on Apr 1, 2016

Below are some initial experiences with the beta version of the Storage REST API, HCS 8.4.0-01 running on a Windows Server.


I wanted to send REST API requests from my HDS laptop, connected to the HDS Corporate network, to an HCS Server running in the SCHQ Lab. I used the Firefox RESTClient Add-on, and the Chrome Postman App to generate REST API requests with the relevant Headers and examine the responses.


There is a firewall between the HDS Corporate Network and the SCHQ Lab, and we had to ask the Network Admin to allow TCP Ports through.


On the HCS Server, the HCS install process implemented the REST API server, ConfigurationManager, and added the Configuration Manager httpd instance to the Windows Firewall, but did not add a rule to allow the TCP ports required. So I added a new Windows Firewall rule to allow the required TCP Ports.


After this basic connectivity worked, with the /configuration/version request getting a response of:

{  "productName": "Configuration Manager REST API",  "apiVersion": "1.2.0"}


Next I tried to register a couple of G1000s to the REST API. A couple of points to note with this...

The REST API request Basic Authentication credentials need to be for a user explicitly defined in the Administrator group on the SVP of the target storage system. The manual does state this in various places, although I suspect some users may be confused about how this relates to HCS AdminGroup users.

For the G1000s, the serialNumber value in the register POST request must be without the leading "3", i.e. for G1000 sn 310038 the value must be "10038".


After that the various GET requests seemed to work as expected.


These observations may change with later releases of HCS.