• Why does ldevs view lie?

    When I query /views/ldevs view, the results are not accurate.  When I query for unassigned LDEVs as described in the HCM REST API Guide, it returns ldevs that have already been consumed.  IN the example belo...
    Kevin McMahon
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  • Utilizing Hitachi Command Suite REST API for Host Group WWN allocation, LDEV creation, and LUN Mapping: Part 1

    As technology continues to trend towards RESTful API programming, Hitachi Vantara’s Global Services group has utilized Hitachi Command Suite’s Configuration Management for automation tasks.   The goa...
    Jake Larrimore
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  • Disable TLS1.1

    Is there a way to limit communication to TLS1.2 on the Hitachi Configuration Manager REST API?
    Julian Bici
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  • 500 Internal Server Error with HCS REST API

    In my python script, I'm attempting to create a host group. The following curl command works, and initiates a job as expected: curl -v  -H "Accept:application/json" -H "Content-Type:application/json" -H "Authori...
    Jake Larrimore
    created by Jake Larrimore
  • Automating the HDS tasks using the scripts

    How hard is to script and automate the daily administration tasks like allocations, De-allocations,expanding the pools, Generating the capacity reports etc.. using shell scripting tools? Can anyone please suggest the ...
    created by B804U6WP
  • powershell for rest api's

    is anyone using powershell to make your rest api calls with?  If so have you found that to be a good platform to use or would you recommend another language to use for automations.   We are looking to...
    Nick Britton
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  • Retrieve Pool details with Configuration Manager REST API

    Hi, When I try to retrieve pool details using Configuration Manager REST API for a specific pool in a storage array, it is almost taking 20 seconds. While other requests to get Ldev and hostgroup details returns a qui...
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  • Command Suite Hosts

    I see through the api calls that we can register wwns to a hostgroup, but how do you define the node.  For example, today we create the node wit its wwns in command suite and then allocate to that hostgroup that ...
    Nick Britton
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  • Field length with VSP Model

    I'm working on some custom python scripting against the REST API and I've noticed that when getting information from GET base-URL/v1/objects/storages/storage-device-ID/ldevs a field is being limited to 16 characters. ...
    Michael Taormina
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  • Configuration Manager API vs SMI-S

    Currently, we are using SMI-S to retrieve storage information.   How does CM API compare to SMI-S? What is the need to have CM, if there is already SMI-S? What are advantages/disadvantages of CM API over SMI-S. ...
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  • Cannot access download links

    I tried to follow these two links:     I've got the following errors:     What is the reason for that?   Thank you, Andrei
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  • Get Started with Configuration Manager REST API

    This getting started guide is written for users of the Hitachi Configuration Manager who are interested in learning about the REST API.  By following this guide, you'll learn how to: install the Configuration Ma...
    Jeff Maaks
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  • Simple Configuration Manager REST API Calls

    This document contains a few simple examples for using the Configuration Manager REST API.  These examples use cURL but you can use any method you choose to send HTTP requests.  All examples are run locally ...
    Jeff Maaks
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  • Configuration Manager REST API Reference Guide

    Jeff Maaks
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  • Install Hitachi Configuration Manager REST API

    This guide is written for users installing Hitachi Configuration Manager for use with the REST API.  For full documentation on installing the Configuration Manager REST API, see Configuration Manager REST API Ref...
    Jeff Maaks
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