Jon Chinitz

Modifying your index schema for non-English languages

Blog Post created by Jon Chinitz Employee on Feb 8, 2017

[Note: This is a follow on post to the one posted recently regarding supporting custom language parsers.]


If you want Content Intelligence to parse text in a language other than its default (English) you need to do the following:


  • Goto the index page, select “Schema” tab and search for the field “HCI_text”


  • Click the pencil icon to edit the “Type” of this field and change it to the language of your choice. In the example below I chose the Chinese/Japanese/Korean parser “text_cjk”:


  • Don't forget to save the changes....:


  • Re-index the documents in the worklfow.


We would like to encourage the community to try this out for the languages in the countries you are from. We have not tested Content Intelligence with all of these languages. We need your help in doing so and we appreciate any feedback that you can offer!