Roguen Keller

Getting Started Developing Plugins for HCI

Blog Post created by Roguen Keller Employee on Feb 24, 2017

A quick thought on HCI and developing plugins (connectors and stages) for it.

First, note that you do NOT need to have a running instance of HCI to test the inputs, outputs and debug your plugin.  The Plugin SDK can help!


You'll find the Plugin SDK, as well as HCI and several other useful items under downloads.


It is also important to note that the guides for using the Plugin SDK is built into the distribution itself.  This is why you many not find many of the guides floating around the developer site.  If you see them in the community they may be relevant, but for the most up to date, or accurate to the SDK that you are using, refer to the SDK itself.


Specifically, you will find:

  • Getting Started with Plugin SDK
    • SDK Readme - /sdk/README.txt
  • Build and test example plugins
    • SDK example README - /sdk/examples/EXAMPLES.txt
  • Test plugins
    • Plugin Test Harness README - /sdk/plugin-test/TEST_AND_DEBUG.txt
  • Upload plugin bundles and managing plugin bundles
    • Online Help - https://<your instance>:8000/doc/adminHelp/Content/admin/plugins/pluginAbout.htm


If you have any questions, or documentation links you've found helpful in getting started, please comment on this post.