Jon Chinitz

Top Gun Workflow Examples

Blog Post created by Jon Chinitz Employee on Jun 4, 2017

As promised I posted the two example workflows that I used in the Top Gun HCI Workshop on May 24th.

The first example bundle can be found here:Pictures with GPS Bundle.bundle.

The second example bundle can be found here: DICOM Bundle.bundle.


Note: These bundles include data connections that point to HCP namespaces that you DON'T have access to. So I copied the namespaces to two AWS S3 buckets:

As an exercise, see if you can replace the HCP data connection with an AWS S3 connection. These buckets are in US East (in case you were wondering) and are read only to Everyone.


You will have to wait to use the DICOM bundle because the DICOM plugin is not commercially available yet (I got a sneak preview from Engineering). Unless, of course, you choose to write your own DICOM plugin...


Happy to get feedback and to see how folks might improve on these workflows. Let's start a groundswell of sharing!


Good luck!