Ben Isherwood

HCI v1.2: Architecture Fundamentals and Best Practices

Blog Post created by Ben Isherwood Employee on Jul 27, 2017

Are you looking for a deeper overview of Hitachi Content Intelligence (and a peek under the covers)? Are you using the system and want to better understand how to optimize for specific use cases? Look no further - this is the blog for you.


Content Intelligence is a software solution comprised of 3 distinct bundled layers:


First, an embedded services platform leverages the portability of modern container technology, enabling flexible and consistent deployment of the complete solution in physical, virtual, and cloud environments. From there, it adds the ability to cluster, scale, monitor, update, triage, and manage the solution via REST API, CLI, and UI. Controls are provided for scaling, configuring, load balancing, and even repairing specific services. Plugin and service frameworks support easily extending and evolving system capabilities to meet custom use cases using a provided SDK.


Next, an advanced content processing engine allows for connecting to data sources of interest and processing the information by categorizing, tagging, and augmenting metadata representing each item found. Deep analysis against raw data streams produces both raw text (enabling keyword search) and additional metadata. Optimized for large scale parallel processing, the included workflow engine can blend structured and unstructured information into a normalized form that is perfect for aggregating data for reports, triggering notifications, and/or building search engine indexes.


Finally, a text and metadata search component delivers comprehensive search engine indexing and index management capabilities. Tools are provided for designing, building, tuning, and optimizing search engine indexes. The system allows for scaling and monitoring locally managed indexes and/or registering external indexes to participate in globally federated queries. A full-featured customizable search application is provided - supporting secure access to query results that may be automatically tuned to the needs of specific user groups and use cases.




For a deep dive into the architecture, feature set, and best practices of Content Intelligence, see the attached whitepaper below.