Alejandro Lineiro

HDI CIFS ACL Parser Stage & Source Code

Blog Post created by Alejandro Lineiro Employee on Oct 4, 2017

Update 24/09/2018 - I have updated the plugin, the most important change is that it can now also fully translate the name of the owner and its domain group, as long as one of the entries in the ACLs is from the same domain (this limitation is due to the weird way in which the HDI ACLs in the metadata provide full SID metadata for the ACL entries, but not for the owner and its group). The updated plugin and source code are attached below. Have a nice day!




This stage is an attempt to increase the HDI indexing functionalities of Content Intelligence.

It transforms the ACL entries found in the HCP custom metadata left by HDI. Whenever possible, the plugin attempts to create a separate metadata field for each ACL entry and transform the permissions and user/group IDs to readable formats, as seen in the following example:



As an optional step, the plugin can automatically map user/group SIDs to their respective Active Directory names, by providing the parameters shown in the following example:



Alternatively, you can search for an specific user/group by first obtaining its SID in Active Directory and then using said SID for the query.


The plugin can not transform HDI RIDs in its current version.