Jon Chinitz

Making an HCI OVF Bigger

Blog Post created by Jon Chinitz Employee on Oct 21, 2017

Some of you have asked about increasing the size of the OVF that ships with Hitachi Content Intelligence. The default disk volume today is 50GB. The following quick sheet of instructions will show you how to increase the disk volume.


Step 1: shutdown the node

Step 2: using the vSphere console (or any other method you feel comfortable with) navigate to the node's settings and change the size of "Hard Disk 1" (I chose to increase it from 50GB to 100GB):



Step 3: save the edits and restart the node.

Step 4: ssh into the node and display the mounted filesystems. The filesystem we are after is the root filesystem mounted at /dev/sda3:



Step 5: run the fdisk command specifying the disk device /dev/sda:



Step 6: while in fdisk you are going to (d)elete partition 3, create a (n)ew partition 3 with the default starting sector and size offered up by fdisk. The starting sector is the same as /dev/sda3 had only the size is now the number of sectors left to the end of the disk. Last thing to do is to (w)rite the new partition table back to the disk (you can safely ignore the error).

Step 7: reboot the node.

Step 8: ssh back into the node and run xfs_growfs. Be sure to specify the partition /dev/sda3:



As you can see the root filesystem has been resized to occupy the new space.