Nitesh Taneja

HCI v1.2: Performance Improvements and Optimizations

Blog Post created by Nitesh Taneja Employee on Dec 21, 2017

Do you want more insight into the state of your workflows? Do the workflow metrics don't update as frequently as you like? Are you interested to find out the speed of your data connector? Confused when to use which pipeline execution mode? Would HCI deployed in virtual environment give the same performance as physical deployment?


The attached white paper address these questions and highlight the improvements and optimizations introduced in version 1.2 to improve the overall performance of Hitachi Content Intelligence.


The content of the white paper:

  • Highlights workflow performance improvements and optimizations introduced in version 1.2 and compare to previous releases.
  • Summarizes the improved performance results of list-based data connectors.
  • Provides methodology used to determine pure crawler performance for different data connections.
  • Demonstrates that document failures reporting to the metrics service has been drastically improved.
  • Recommends when to use Preprocessing execution mode over Workflow-Agent.
  • Compares performance of a physical HCI with that of similarly configured HCI deployed in a virtual environment.



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