Jared Cohen

Updating to HCI 1.4.0

Blog Post created by Jared Cohen Employee on Mar 1, 2019

Content Intelligence version 1.4.0 will be available soon. Here are some notes to keep in mind when updating from HCI version 1.3.1 or earlier to 1.4.0.


There are a couple of steps to take before updating to 1.4.0:

1. Make sure that all instances are running the minimum required docker version or later (docker 1.13.1).

2. Make sure that your HCI system has a hostname configured (Admin App > System Configuration > Security).


After updating to 1.4.0, there are a few extra steps you may wish to take:

1. If you are using the Monitor App and would like to use the new analytics features (Anomaly Detection and/or Forecasting):

  • You will need to scale up the new Monitor App Analytics service (Admin App > Services > Add Service).
  • You will also need to configure the Anomaly Detection job type and Forecasting job type to run somewhere on the cluster (Admin App > Jobs)

2. If you have users configured with an identity provider (i.e. any users EXCEPT the local admin user), you will need to add the new permissions to those users' roles for any of the new features as desired (including historical log import in the Monitor App and Index Maintenance for Search). This is done at (Admin App > Configuration > Security > Roles).


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