• Content Class Extraction Dropping Leading 0's

    All, Working w/ a load of custom metadata that has a bunch of leading zero's that need to be maintained.  Right now CCE is dropping all the leading zero's.  Anyone have any idea how one would keep those? &#...
    Jason Hardy
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  • Semicolon in field value throws a Java Null Pointer Exception (NPE)

    We're using HCP to archive e-mails and HCI to index their metadata. The metadata is uploaded in the same process as the object, and done in JSON format. The metadata contains fields from the e-mail header which are p...
    Marek Kaszycki
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  • searching fields in lower case

    Hi, I want to search a specific fields and do not know if the original is upper or lower case. A good example is email addresses which come in all kinds writing styles (e.g. john.doe@example.com, john.DOE@example.com,...
    Christian Schausberger
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  • Date Refinement delivers logical OR result set?

    Hi, we just hit something odd. We are looking at a email data set and want to look for certain fields.. We filter out a recipient: 2 results. We add a refinement per date picker: 5520 results. The 2 mails are at the ...
    Christian Schausberger
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  • How do I convert this date?

    Hi,   There's yet another stubborn date that resists being converted: Tue, 27 Nov 2018 15:58:21 +0100 (GMT+01:00) If the date was this: Tue, 27 Nov 2018 15:58:21 +0100 It would be enough to use this regex: ^...
    Marek Kaszycki
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  • Admin API Guide

    Have we posted any of the API guides outside of the product?  I'd like to be able to reference the API's w/o having to have a running instance of HCI.   Thanks! -Jason
    Jason Hardy
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  • HCI Webexs and Demos

    Below are several links to Demo WebEx's we ( Professional Services) created for HCI.  Each is about 5 minutes or so. I wanted to put them all in one place as they are scattered about the community.  I will c...
    Troy Myers
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  • ERROR: Internal and External IPs must be specified

    Hi I run the following command and get this error it does not make sense   ./bin/setup -i -m,, Thu Dec  6 08:13:41 UTC 2018 Docker appears to be running ...
    Herman Botha
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  • Metrics Config Page and Settings subpage rendering

    On a customer system, we are trying to change the Metric Service Configuration and am wondering about our experience.  Might be an area for improvement.   On that system, we wanted to change the memory conf...
    Clifford Grimm
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  • HCI - redundant queries, itemsToReturn, Offset

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for a solution to recover results from older queries which where omitted from the response .json because of the limitation of 10000 itemsToReturn. Until now i solved this sending as much qu...
    Luca Persichetti
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  • Error 401s: Unable to get authorization token from HCI in REST Call

    Error 401s: Unable to get authorization token from HCI in REST Call to ...8000:auth/oauth Background: Google Chrome We are using a Hitachi HCI image for development purpose SSL invalid (Certificate) error in brows...
    Cainan Mustapha
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  • Pipeline pending state

    Hi All   I've completed the install of HCI   I created a connection and basic extraction pipeline when I test it it stays in pending state   I've read the previous post on same issue but c...
    Herman Botha
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  • MonitorApp rejecting on 6162

    I was doing an install the other day on Ubuntu 18 LTS. The setup script froze but I was able to complete install by killing the  process and reforking. However, I ran into a strange issue where after install, the...
    Ian Saunders
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  • check driver heap limit error

    I have a workflow that essentially works (tests complete just fine), but it's unable to run as a task. I have a HCI cluster with 5 nodes, they are dedicated to this single workflow. Each of them has 4 vCPUs, 16 GB RAM...
    Marek Kaszycki
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  • HCI 4 node cluster performance is very slow

    HI Team,   We are running a HCI system with 4 nodes, 64GB RAM and 500GB hard disk on each node. The file system is a share from HNAS consisting of around 170 million files. The workflow is running very slow and ...
    Shaik Rizwan
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  • Write all annotations to an HCP object

    Hello All,   I'm working on a use case to take data from a local source (SMB share/NFS export) and migrate the data to an HCP namespace. The specific ask is that I need to tag the object with ALL the file extrac...
    Henry Golas
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  • Need to convert date from full date (locale=en_US.UTF-8) to ISO

    Hi,   I have a problem converting a date to ISO format in the Date Conversion stage. There are two possible formats for the date: Fri, 2 Feb 2018 07:57:34 +0100 Fri, 2 Feb 2018 07:57:34 +0100 (CET)   I h...
    Marek Kaszycki
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  • Multiple pipelines

    Would you please take a look at the following animation sequence:     https://hcpanywhere.hitachivantara.com/u/zEWvE6NFr1DeRa8O/HDID%20Content%20Intelligence%20Animation%20V2.mp4?l   and let me kno...
    Alison Apel
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  • Search App Document Metadata field selection

    In the Search App (i.e. the generated GUI for performing search), it is possible to define the output to contain the "Document Metadata" in the Query Settings -> Results part of the index definition.    ...
    Clifford Grimm
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  • HCM for HCP behind Load Balancer

    I'm trying to setup HCM for our HCP that is hidden behind Load Balancer. Currently our corporate DNS resolves hcp1.corp.local and *.hcp1.corp.local to Load Balancer IP. To make HCM work i added "admin.hcp1.corp.loca...
    Dominik Zagol
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