• Fun Times with HCI episode 6 Moving Data with Custom Pipeline.mp4

    Add custom pipeline to a workflow to move data meeting the condition of a specific file type from the source data repository, to a new target data repository. Conclusion of Fun Times with HCI episodes 1 - 5.  ...
    Christopher Rohland
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  • Fun Times with HCI episode 5 Custom Pipeline Test.mp4

    Demonstrates creation of a simple custom pipeline and testing to determine how a file moves through a pipeline with a conditional statement. Builds on episode 4.   Eval available for download https://community.h...
    Christopher Rohland
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  • Fun Times with HCI episode 4 Default and Basic Extraction Pipeline Test.mp4

    Demonstration of the default and basic extraction pipeline behavior using a file. Builds on episode 3.   Eval available for download https://community.hitachivantara.com/community/developer-network/hitachi-conte...
    Christopher Rohland
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  • Fun Times with HCI episode 3 Basic Pipeline Test.mp4

    File data discovery with default basic pipeline demonstration to aid in moving files of a specific type from one storage repository to another. Builds on episode 2.   Eval available for download https://communit...
    Christopher Rohland
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  • Fun Times with HCI episode 1 Basic Lab.mp4

    Overview of lab architecture created to demonstrate how to move files of a particular file type with HCI.
    Christopher Rohland
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  • How to use a custom language parser with Content Intelligence

    [Editorial Note: This is a re-posting of an email from one of our internal dlists. Kudos to Team China!]   Every language has different sets of rules: how/where to tokenize words, what are the appropriate stop w...
    Jon Chinitz
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  • Is there a way to add a share with spaces in the name?

    ie \\servername.company.com\share name. I've tired " " and ' ' and %20 in the name without success.
  • Email compliance search made easy

    The need for simple compliance searchCompanies are often faced with the need to produce documents and emails as part of legal disputes. Maybe an employee deletes mails from the server (maybe even years ago), or an ext...
  • Geospatial Data Usage in HCI

    Problem Overview  As technology and businesses/government continue to become more dispersed across the planet, the location of activity becomes almost as important as the data itself. Increasingly, these entities...
    Clifford Grimm
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  • Content Monitor (HCM) and Load Balancers

    As HCM is getting more use by our HCP customers, some of the deployments are running into more advanced topologies, namely ones that utilize load balancers (LB) in front of the HCP. For the newly indoctrinated, a LB s...
    Jon Chinitz
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  • How can we utilise HCI to index mailboxes on Exchange?

    Currently the mailboxes are stil running within Exchange.   Are there options to connect to Exchange and read mailboxes, or do we need to make exports of accounts, or of the whole exchange database.   Is ...
    Durk Jilderda
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  • HCI File Migration

    Hi All   I want to write a pipeline to Migrate a folder to HCP S3 from an NFS mount, I have two questions   1. Has a plugin been developed to connect to an nfs source or do I still need to mount the NFS on...
    Herman Botha
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  • HCI Webexs and Demos

    Below are several links to Demo WebEx's we ( Professional Services) created for HCI.  Each is about 5 minutes or so. I wanted to put them all in one place as they are scattered about the community.  I will c...
    Troy Myers
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  • HCI - redundant queries, itemsToReturn, Offset

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for a solution to recover results from older queries which where omitted from the response .json because of the limitation of 10000 itemsToReturn. Until now i solved this sending as much qu...
    Luca Persichetti
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  • Write all annotations to an HCP object

    Hello All,   I'm working on a use case to take data from a local source (SMB share/NFS export) and migrate the data to an HCP namespace. The specific ask is that I need to tag the object with ALL the file extrac...
    Henry Golas
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  • HCM for HCP behind Load Balancer

    I'm trying to setup HCM for our HCP that is hidden behind Load Balancer. Currently our corporate DNS resolves hcp1.corp.local and *.hcp1.corp.local to Load Balancer IP. To make HCM work i added "admin.hcp1.corp.loca...
    Dominik Zagol
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  • Image Data Extraction with HCI

    Is HCI capable (or can it be made capable via plugins, SDK, etc.) of extracting content from images? The use case is this; large rental car company takes pictures of their fleet when someone drives out of one of their...
  • How to export only a pipeline, and not the associated connectors

    Is there a way to export just a pipeline and select Content Classes, without being forced to export all Connectors and other Content Classes that are associated with the pipeline? I've update a Pipeline and a couple...
    Jake Larrimore
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  • Compliance report after bulk import to HCI

    Hi,     How would you approach creating a report for user after bulk import (or any one-time job)?   Let's say customer imports 15000 documents that are on NFS. A HCI workflow processes some data&...
    Lukasz Sadalski
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  • Read metadata and custom metadata from HCP Object

    Hello All,   I'm looking to create a new HCI index based on object metadata and custom metadata from an HCP object. I created a two step pipeline to query an object that I know has custom metadata:   ...
    Henry Golas
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