• HDI CIFS ACL Parser Stage & Source Code

    Update 24/09/2018 - I have updated the plugin, the most important change is that it can now also fully translate the name of the owner and its domain group, as long as one of the entries in the ACLs is from the same d...
    Alejandro Lineiro
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  • Index streams of unpredictable/variable size into fields easily

    (This stage ended up being redundant, as a method to do this was already built in HCI and I didn't know about it; check Yury Kats' answer below for the proper way to do it. I apologize for the trouble caused.)
    Alejandro Lineiro
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  • HCI tools for analyzing capacity consumed by HCP versions

    Hi everybody,   I've been cooking a couple of tools to try to analyze the capacity consumed by live and backup object versions in HCP using Content Intelligence.   What I have managed to obtain so far work...
    Alejandro Lineiro
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  • Extracting File's Metadata from DMS to HCP

    Team:   I am currently progressing with HCI POC for Digital Media Server (DMS) data indexing. There are two types of data - Documents (RTF, DOC, TXT, PDF etc.) AND Images (JPEG, IMG etc.).   Customer is ru...
    Tajinder Channi
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  • How to resolve : Cross-Origin Request Blocker Issue while calling REST Services

    I am trying to call HCI APIs from development environment(localhost:4200) using Angular 2 (version 4.0.0)   getting the below error message: "Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows readi...
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  • HCI URL Connector Example

    Open video

    Roguen Keller
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  • HCP Gateway and MAPI Access Logs.bundle

    This is a bundle that includes 2 pipelines and an Index Collection: one that parses HCP HTTP Access logs and the other that parses HCP MAPI Access logs. The index collection has a minimal schema with a few facets. Fee...
    Jon Chinitz
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