• How to use HCM to monitor performance of customer apps and A/A replication between HCPs?

        Can we use the HCM to monitor the performance of customer apps and HCP A/A replication bandwidth separately?     I have a case, the customer use s3browser to upload/download files to...
    Xiao Lu
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  • Need to get an aggregated total for a querry response

    Can you help us figure out a way to identify the total number of objects that have not been modified in greater than 2 years from an file assessment index we have.  We also need total size of these objects.  ...
    Shawn Monroe
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  • Admin API Guide

    Have we posted any of the API guides outside of the product?  I'd like to be able to reference the API's w/o having to have a running instance of HCI.   Thanks! -Jason
    Jason Hardy
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  • Customize the download results output

    Can someone tell me how I can customize the output in the download results file from the HCI Search interface, I would like to be able to add some fields such as author and HCI_size.
    Matthew Hardman
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  • SQL Use Case in combination with other inputs

    Dear Community,   I am trying to build a valid use case around the SQL connector in combination with other inputs (HCP or HCP-AW) and wondering how I could achieve it. Currently, I built a pipeline that is able ...
    Gael Charriere
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  • Is there a way to add a share with spaces in the name?

    ie \\servername.company.com\share name. I've tired " " and ' ' and %20 in the name without success.
  • Internode Network Communication

    For all the various services that communicate over the "Internal" network, what protocol are they using (assuming TCP) and are they secure (using SSL)?    What I'm referring to is the long list of ports li...
    Clifford Grimm
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  • Full setup of firewalld for HCI

    Looking to see if anyone has full configured firewalld for HCI.  I have done a configuration that I think works where both the internal and external networks are the same interface and the ports used are based on...
    Clifford Grimm
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  • How to enable CORS in solr of HCI?

    I am desinging some dashborad by banana.Hci and banana running in difference server. Banana directly access solr API ,not HCI API. Then ,banana can't get json data from solr because of the CORS. I know that the CORS...
    Bin Li
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  • Hi!  Is there anyone using HCI for GDPR purposes?

    Hi all!
    Gustavo Jesus
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  • How can we utilise HCI to index mailboxes on Exchange?

    Currently the mailboxes are stil running within Exchange.   Are there options to connect to Exchange and read mailboxes, or do we need to make exports of accounts, or of the whole exchange database.   Is ...
    Durk Jilderda
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  • Map HCI binary field value to an object in HCP

    HCP Namespace content /products/cars.xml /products/minihatch.gif   snippet of cars.xml going through HCI workflow index creating pipeline      <cars>      ...
    Cainan Mustapha
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  • Querying HCI Index via JDBC

    I would like to query the HCI index using JDBC from an external application.   The index is setup to include docValues of the relevant fields.  I have read through the general documentation on Solr JDBC...
    Clifford Grimm
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  • Developing a stage calling C/C++ library

    Looking for any guidance as to the feasibility of calling a C/C++ library within a stage.  The situation is that there is a library that can extract and manipulate images files, but is only available as a C/C++ l...
    Clifford Grimm
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  • searching fields in lower case

    Hi, I want to search a specific fields and do not know if the original is upper or lower case. A good example is email addresses which come in all kinds writing styles (e.g. john.doe@example.com, john.DOE@example.com,...
    Christian Schausberger
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  • HCI OVF trial License plk file

    Hello,   Can someone advise where I can get this please? Deployment manual states a copy is in the HCI-OVF-EXAMPLE package but cannot find it.   Thanks.
    Ovie Egbedi
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  • HCI File Migration

    Hi All   I want to write a pipeline to Migrate a folder to HCP S3 from an NFS mount, I have two questions   1. Has a plugin been developed to connect to an nfs source or do I still need to mount the NFS on...
    Herman Botha
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  • Does the KAFKA Producer wait for ACK?

    In looking to ensure that messages aren't dropped on the floor when published to a KAFKA topic, does the HCI KAFKA Producer connector utilize the ACK functionality?   Thanks! -Jason
    Jason Hardy
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  • Chinese text

    I have XML documents stored in HCP that contain an element whose value may contains special characters e.g. Chinese Text and some others. The text/value gets replaced by question marks while going through an HCI pipe...
    Cainan Mustapha
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  • Semicolon in field value throws a Java Null Pointer Exception (NPE)

    We're using HCP to archive e-mails and HCI to index their metadata. The metadata is uploaded in the same process as the object, and done in JSON format. The metadata contains fields from the e-mail header which are p...
    Marek Kaszycki
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