Manju Ramanathpura

Thank you community for facilitating open innovation around Hitachi's OpenStack initiatives

Blog Post created by Manju Ramanathpura Employee on Jun 10, 2014

Happy 1 year anniversary for the community and congratulations to all the fun people pulling this forward and establishing a great open forum.


Looking back for last year, you have seen few of my posts in the community around Open Source, SDN, CDN and then OpenStack.  I thought I'd take this opportunity to provide little bit more summary on OpenStack, considering we just wrapped up our active participation at the OpenStack Atlanta Summit .


We did bunch of cool things at summit, including demo and panel discussions. I was personally thrilled to have a housefull of audience for our demo theater presentation.  Our booth covered various OpenStack solutions including the ones that are discussed here.


photo.JPG photo2.JPG



We were proud to coordinate two power packed panel discussions, both of which managed to attract room full of audience.  Video recording of the sessions are available here - Ask the Experts: Storage Considerations for OpenStack




and here Scaling Out OpenStack Clouds in the Enterprise .



I am proud of the solid team that's working in Hitachi for OpenStack - whether in terms of engineering work or the marketing effort.


I think the HDS community forum played a key role in terms of making it easy to share various activities like herehere , herehere and here and here ....  So, thank you for the team managing the HDS Community, keep up the good work and help facilitate open innovation.