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Ben Clifford
Hi, I had a blog post here:   I needed to update the post, I made some changes and saved the draft. I was very surprised to learn a day or two later that the post was no longer available. When I reverted the changes which I was… (Show more)
Hendra Haliman
Hi, I recently registered using my work email address, but I still can not get access to Product Download section. Anything I missed out ?
Gianpietro Poloni
we start the configuration of gad cross path-configuration on system Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.5 (Maipo).We are starting  a test without set Alua on storage system.   Is there a configuration to insert on the multipath.conf of the system Redhat 7.5 for setting a preferred path ?
Hyun Chul EOM
Click to view contentI installed SVP and Command Suite (HCS). And I will get data from the REST API, but it does not return any data.   The REST API version information get correctly, but cannot gt information associated with the storage system, such as the storage device ID.   What am I doing wrong?   In HCS, SVP is successfully connected. curl -v -u… (Show more)
Hendra Haliman
I have a cb 500 chassis with 1 blade server, 2 management modules, and 1 vdx 6746. I am trying to setup the switch vdx 6746, so I can connect the blade server to the vdx 6746 switch, and the vdx 6746 to external switch so I can connect it to operational lan. I have problem in setting up the vdx 6746. The led on the vdx 6746 are blinking amber.… (Show more)
elsa santos
Click to view contentHi,   When I choose DataSet Community Data Access (CDA)in Pentaho Report Designer 8.0, fill in the fields and click Fetch, return a error:       org.pentaho.reporting.engine.classic.core.ReportDataFactoryException: Failed to send request :… (Show more)
Victor Rodriguez
Hello community,   I want to know if exists any other software to manage Hitachi Storage as alternative of Navigator Modular 2?. Please, let me know.   Regards,
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