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Roguen Keller
It is the nature of questions in a technical community like ours to have a follow on that is related, but separate that our original.  It leads to an overarching question as to if it is better to continue to thread with a new question, or to a start a new one. I have found that in these case, with some exceptions, is it better to start a new… (Show more)
Ben Clifford
Hi, I had a blog post here:   I needed to update the post, I made some changes and saved the draft. I was very surprised to learn a day or two later that the post was no longer available. When I reverted the changes which I was… (Show more)
Roguen Keller
Click to view contentIt may seem obvious to those who have been using the community for years. But for newcomers I would like to point out how you edit your posts. Notice in the top right portion of your screen under your profile picture is a link to edit. You'll want to resubmit your post once you've made your edits.
Roguen Keller
Click to view contentMany don't know this, but within the banner at the top of every space/forum in the community there is some navigation help. Beneath the name of the space you are in you will see the name of the parent space listed with an arrow next to it. Click on that arrow to see the entire hierarchy you are currently un on up to the top level. It's also… (Show more)
Marcin b Lubojanski
Hello, How can I set up an email notification for S1 cases for all my sites? Ideally to another email than my primary email address (as this one I'm not able to read on smartphone).   In "manage subscription" I only see notifications about Technical Bulletins...
Thomas Thorne
Is it possibly to follow a Tag in a similar way to how you can follow a person to get their activity on your Dashboard. 
Jill Ross
Over the past five years, the Hitachi Vantara Community's Solution and Product Forums have become a primary destination for current and prospective customers and partners to ask questions and share knowledge regarding Hitachi Vantara solutions and products. During that time, some of the forums have become less active, so in an effort to improve… (Show more)