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Hi Members,


In mid-July 2019, we will be moving the Hitachi Vantara Community off of our existing community platform (Jive) and onto a new platform (Salesforce Community Cloud). This is the first of many communications you will see over the next several weeks regarding this transition. You can learn more here: FAQ: Hitachi Vantara Community Platform Migration - July 19, 2019


We are keeping the fundamentals of the community intact - you will still be able to do all of the following on our new platform:

  • Ask and answer questions
  • Participate in discussions
  • Read and comment on blogs
  • Access knowledge articles & documents
  • Connect with other members 
  • Continue to earn points for your contributions
  • Join Groups related to your interests
  • Follow topics you care about most


However, because this is a new set of features and functionality, there will be some significant changes to how you complete those activities and where you will find the communities and content that matter most to you. Our team is in the process of developing plenty of training material to help you along the way, so stay tuned for further updates.


In the meantime, we are looking for customer and partner volunteers who would like to take the new community for a test drive and provide constructive feedback to help us ensure a smooth transition for all of our members. If you are interested in participating in our user acceptance testing, please leave a comment below and we will invite you to join a testing group. We anticipate we'll need about 2-3 hours of your time over the next week or so to complete the testing.


We appreciate your participation and look forward to the next chapter for the Hitachi Vantara Community.


Kind Regards,

The Hitachi Vantara Community Team

Over the past five years, the Hitachi Vantara Community's Solution and Product Forums have become a primary destination for current and prospective customers and partners to ask questions and share knowledge regarding Hitachi Vantara solutions and products. During that time, some of the forums have become less active, so in an effort to improve your experience and make it easier to find the best place to post your questions moving forward, we are implementing some changes to consolidate and rename some of the forums.


Below is a high level overview the changes we are rolling out this Friday, September 14, 2018. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions, or reach out to the Hitachi Vantara Community team directly at


Current Space(s)Changes Implemented
CloudArchived (changed to read only - no new content will be posted).
Converged SystemsRenamed to "Converged Systems." No URL change at this time.
Object Storage PlatformRenamed to "Object Storage Platform." No URL change at this time.

The specified item was not found., The specified item was not found., The specified item was not found., The specified item was not found.

Consolidated and moved into Storage Systems.

The specified item was not found.Moved into Storage Management.
Hitachi Solutions for Oracle, Hitachi Solutions for SAP, Hitachi Solutions for VMware

Renamed to "Hitachi Solutions for Oracle," "Hitachi Solutions for SAP," and "Hitachi Solutions for VMware," respectively. No URL changes at this time.

ScriptingMoved into Hitachi Developer Network.
Performance and SizingArchived (changed to read only - no new content will be posted). Now a Category in relevant communities.
SupportMoved out of Solution and Product Forums hierarchy - now a standalone space within the broader community.
Training and CertificationMoved out of Solution and Product Forums hierarchy - now a standalone space within the broader community.


Thank you,

The Hitachi Vantara Community Team

As an added measure of security, we have enabled a warning message for all external links within Hitachi Vantara Community content. Starting now, you will see a warning message (screenshot below) that you will be leaving the Hitachi Vantara Community when you click on any external link available on the site. You will also be required to click a second time before proceeding to the linked website.




If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or direct message Jill Ross .



Thank you,


The Hitachi Vantara Community Team

This morning, we announced that Hitachi Data Systems, Pentaho, and Hitachi Insight Group are now a single new company: Hitachi Vantara. You can read more about this news in the press release.


Hitachi Vantara is everything you know about us, but more.


You will still find all of your existing content, groups, and spaces in this community. While we will be adding some new spaces and groups over the next several weeks (such as Pentaho), nothing is going away just yet. If anything does change that will impact your community experience, you’ll hear it from us first.


For now, you’ll just see a new community name. Welcome to the Hitachi Vantara Community!


If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.


For further news and announcements, be sure to follow the NEXT 2019 and News and Events spaces.


Thank you,

The Hitachi Vantara Community Team

Hello HDS Community Members,


As a follow-up to our HDS Community upgrade last year, we're excited to roll out even more new features today to improve your community experience. Below you'll find a brief overview of the changes we have made. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below.



"News" is the new "Home"

To streamline your home page experience, we have eliminated the Home page and replaced it with the News page when you log in. The "Home" link in the navigation bar will now take you to the News page. All of the links that were available on the previous home page will be available in the "Quick Links" section on the right. If you have a News stream or custom stream pinned, you will bypass the banner on the news page and be taken straight to the stream you've selected as your default view.


Current Home PageNew Home Page

(click image to enlarge)

(click image to enlarge



New Content Format

To provide a simplified and mobile-friendly user experience, content has been transitioned to a responsive design format. The following is a breakdown of each content type and how it looks on the new format. The Actions menu, Edit, and Share links have been rolled up into a menu just below the main navigation, and the Like and Comment buttons are now just below the title.




Previous Blog FormatNew Blog Format

old-blog-overview.png(click image to enlarge)


(click image to enlarge)




Previous Discussion/Question FormatNew Discussion/Question Format


(click image to enlarge)


(click image to enlarge)




Previous Document FormatNew Document Format

(click image to enlarge)

(click image to enlarge)




Previous Poll FormatNew Poll Format

(click image to enlarge)

(click image to enlarge)



New Place (Group/Space) Format

Over the next several weeks, we will be transitioning most of our Spaces and Groups from the Overview page layout to the new, mobile-friendly Activity page layout. The primary user experience change to note is the placement of the Actions menu. You will no longer see this directly on the landing/overview page; it will be available only in the upper right section of the Place banner.


Actions Menu


Current Actions Menu
New Actions Menu

(click image to enlarge)

(click image to enlarge)


Another key difference you'll notice is the responsive design, so you can now get the full HDS Community experience from your mobile device.



New Profile Design

We've made some improvements to user profiles as well and transitioned them to a responsive design format. The updated profiles will:

  • Provide your full bio in the left column
  • Highlight your top contributions and most popular content
  • Provide quicker access to other links within your profile, such as Reputation (badges/points)
  • Allow you to personalize with a banner image


Current Profile
New Profile


(click image to enlarge)


(click image to enlarge)



If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please leave a comment below. We welcome your input and appreciate your continued participation.



The HDS Community Team

Hello HDS Community Members!


We are happy to announce that we have upgraded the HDS Community to bring you the latest and greatest tools for community engagement and collaboration! You will see many improvements throughout the site, but we wanted to take a few moments and highlight some of the key features that we think you will be the most excited about and show you some important changes that have occurred in the community.


Take a look around and let us know what you think in the comments below!




Renewed essentials


Where did your inbox go? Where is the handy search box? What is this pencil? Some of your favorite features have upgraded their look and have moved to the upper right navigation.


Find your inbox

Your Inbox has moved from the navigation on the left of the home page to the upper right, next to your avatar. Immediately see how many inbox notifications you have in the upper left corner and click on the red button to get to your inbox -- no matter where you are in the HDS community. When you have read your notifications, the number will simply show as zero with a more subtle grey tone button.


Learn More:

Navigation Updates - What Moved Where?

Inbox: Tips


Pencil in your new content

The Create menu of the past version is now the simple pencil icon.


Learn More:

Creating Content


Searching for search? Magnify your search results

The powerful search tool of the HDS Community can now be found by clicking the magnifying glass icon next to the create pencil. Search results have improved as well! Instead of the vertical dropdown that required you to scroll down to see all results, you now can easily see more results in a horizontal layout. Frequently and Recently Viewed has been replaced with the more practical Suggestions and History tabs.




Learn More:

Search: Performance and Design

Using the Main Spotlight Search



News you can use


One of the most notable changes in the new version of the HDS Community is the introduction of News, which is the next iteration of your current Activity view. News streams are curated by your community manager and are designed to bring you the most relevant content on the community. You'll notice that the left navigation where you used to see Activity has been eliminated. To get to the same content you used to see under Activity, click on the News tab in the main navigation, then All Activity. If you want to keep this as your default view, click the pin icon to keep this as your "home" view every time you click on News. You can always change this at any time by pinning a different stream.




Learn More:

Home vs. News

Using News


Custom Streams

You can also create a new stream for yourself! Custom streams are an easy way to keep track of multiple communities you moderate and keep tabs on. Click the "+" icon to create a custom stream of the people, places, and content that matter most to you.




Learn More:

Creating Custom Streams


Cut out the noise with streamlined content


"I have this question too"

If you find yourself answering the same questions in your area of expertise or see people posting duplicate questions, these are the features for you! You can now add weight to a question by clicking 'I have the same question' on an unanswered question. You can then search open questions and sort by the most 'same' questions tags.


Here's how it appears:



When you click this link, you will then be notified when a correct response is provided.


In the Content menu, you will now see a drop-down option "Sort by most same questions" when viewing open/unanswered questions.


*Note: You won't see this option unless you have filtered down to Discussions, then selected Open questions from the first drop down.



Share content with Places or People

The Share feature has been enhanced to enable you to share content from one place to another, instead of posting content twice in the community or utilizing the @mention feature to cross-post. Your shared content will now show in the Recent Activity stream and under the Content tab. Rather share with an individual, but he's not part of the group? You can also now share singular content with non-members to get help you need without opening up the whole group.



Learn More:

Streamlined Content: Sharing and "Same Question"



New Content type: Videos


Videos are now a separate type of Content (with their own special icon), so instead of seeing videos embedded into a discussion or document, you will now see them as separate media types within content or activity streams.





Mobile-friendly responsive design


Prefer to access the HDS Community through your phone? You now have a cleaner and more intuitive UX to work with on the go! The HDS Community responds to the size of your screen and adjusts to give you:

  • Easier navigation
  • Better user experience in places and groups
  • Extended content type creation
  • View all sorts of new content types (ideas, polls, etc)
  • Search Filters if you need to refine your results




Revised Solution & Product Forums navigation


The secondary fly-out menu under Get Answers --> Solution and Product Forums featuring the complete list of forums is no longer be available. We have updated the home page of Solution and Product Forums to feature the complete list at the top of the page to make them as easy to navigate as possible. You can quickly filter by typing in the first few letters of the sub-space you're looking for, or as always you can type in the first few letters of the space in the search menu to get to any place in the community quickly and easily. The advantage of utilizing search to navigate is that over time, the system will learn your most frequently visited places and you won't even need to type in a query to get to the places you visit most often.


Tabbed Content Navigation EOL


Our tabbed content navigation experience within several Place Overview pages is no longer supported on the new version of the HDS Community. We have replaced this functionality with Recent Activity or Recent Content feeds, which provide a very similar experience.


Tabbed Content Navigation


Recent Content (Discussions only)

recent content.png


The tabbed content on the Solution and Product Forums overview page has been replaced with a Recent Content widget that includes all sub-space content, and features discussions only. This allows us to maintain the view of unanswered questions within all sub-spaces, but will include answered questions as well as open-ended discussions. There is an Unanswered Questions widget available, but it does not display sub-space activity. This widget will be featured within Solution and Product Forums sub-spaces, but not the top level or "lobby" space.



We look forward to hearing your thoughts about the recent changes to the HDS Community. This upgrade will be just the start of improvements coming at a quicker pace! Stay tuned!



















Single Sign-On is now available on HDS Community


On Monday, January 11th 2016, HDS deployed Single Sign On (SSO) for the HDS Community.


Here are a few key benefits you will see as a user:


  • Simplified user experience – the SSO feature will allow you to login at one single access point and enjoy a seamless experience across multiple HDS environments, such as HDS Community and Support Connect.
  • Increased security – A simple and secure login experience eliminates the need for multiple logon credentials.

  • Self-service password management capability


SSO has many benefits, but it also brings a few changes we wanted to make you aware of and offer our help! 


Now that SSO has been deployed, you will need to have an activated account within our User Registration system in order to access HDS Community and other HDS online resources.  To ensure you have a seamless experience, you may need to take action to either create or update an account in our User Registration system.


Here are three user scenarios that will help you configure SSO on the HDS Community:



If you have any issues logging in to HDS Community or with the new User Registration system, please contact the HDS Help Desk at:  The team is on call to assist in any way and to ensure you are able to access HDS Community.


Note:  If you are an HDS employee, please now use your NT credentials to log-in to HDS Community. 


  • Scenario 1: You are an HDS Community user and do NOT have an account within our User Registration system

    • Create an account within our User Registration system. There are just a few simple steps necessary to create an account:

3_User Registration.png

      • Fill out the required fields  (When entering your email, please use your HDS Community profile email address to ensure accurate account provisioning. If you need any assistance with the registration process, please contact the HDS Help Desk at:
      • Once you click on “Complete Registration”, you will be taken to the SSO login screen where the system indicates you will receive an Activation message to complete the registration process.

5_Activation Email.png

      • Check your email for the Activation message and click on “Activate Now” (Please ensure you complete this step, as your account will not be fully provisioned until it has been activated)
      • You will then be taken to the SSO login where you will enter your username, which is provided in the Activation message and is your email address, and the password you created in the User Registration system.

      • You have now registered and have activated your account within our User Registration system!



  • Scenario 2: You are an HDS Community user and already have an account in the User Registration system, but do not have a matching HDS Community and User Registration email address

    • If you already have an activated account within the User Registration system and the email provided within this account is the same as your HDS Community account profile – you do not need to take any further action.

    • If your emails do NOT match within the User Registration system and HDS Community and you have not updated the same in HDS Community before January 9th 4 PM PST, please call or email our HDS Help Desk ( to have your email updated before accessing Community using your User Registration credentials.

    • If your emails do NOT match within the User Registration system and HDS Community and you DON’T find your content after successful login to HDS Community using your User Registration credentials, please contact the HDS Help Desk ( to have the team provision your HDS Community account appropriately.



  • Scenario 3: You are an HDS Community user but do not know if you have already registered on the User Registration System in the past.


3_User Registration.png

      • Fill out the required fields  (When entering your email, please use your HDS Community profile email address to ensure accurate account provisioning)
      • Once you click on “Complete Registration”, if you see the below error message then it indicates your email account is already registered and you should continue to login on Community with your existing email address (If you need any assistance please registration, please contact the HDS Help Desk at:

10_User Registration Error.png



We have just given you a lot of information and we know it can be confusing. That’s why we are here to help. Please reach out to the HDS Community team anytime.  We can help assess your current HDS Community account and determine if you need to take any steps necessary in order to configure your SSO experience.

If you have any issues with logging in or the registration process, please contact the HDS Help Desk at:



The HDS Community Team


Jill Ross

Michelle Groff Burling

Hello HDS Community Members!


We're excited to announce that on Monday, November 23rd, we launched an updated navigation menu to improve your experience here on the HDS Community. After gathering your feedback earlier this year through our HDS Community Member Survey, we addressed many of your key user experience challenges and worked with UX designers to incorporate your feedback into the updated navigation menu. Please take a few minutes to review what has changed, and feel free to leave a comment on this blog post with any questions, concerns, or general feedback.



Preview of the new HDS Community home page

(click image above to enlarge)



Simplified, Scalable Main Navigation Menu

The most impactful change you will see is the main navigation menu. As our community has expanded over the past two years, we have "grown out" of our current navigation scheme and needed to make room for more communities that our members need quick and easy access to on a regular basis. To make people, places, and content easier to find, and to allow space for more links to be added to the main navigation menu in the future, we have simplified and consolidated the menu options into four main categories (aside from "Home"), which are explained in further detail below:







Get Answers

This is the place you'll go to ask questions and get advice from HDS subject matter experts.


    • Solution and Product Forums: Our most popular area of the HDS Community, Solution and Product Forums, now appears one level down from the top navigation menu. The complete list of Solution and Product Forums is available in a secondary menu when hovering over the Solution and Product Forums link.

    • Training and Certification: The Training and Certification space has been taken out of the Solution and Product Forums and incorporated into the main Get Answers menu to highlight the learning opportunities available from the HDS Academy.


    • Community Help and Feedback: The current Getting Started in the Hitachi Vantara Community space has been renamed to "Community Help and Feedback" to make the purpose of this space a bit more obvious to end users. This is the place to ask questions and share feedback regarding your user experience on HDS Community or get technical assistance using the community platform. You will also find FAQ's and quick tutorials to help you get started using the HDS Community.




The Explore menu features our communities centered around thought leadership, innovation, and general news and announcements. This is geared towards visitors and members who may not have a specific question in mind about HDS solutions and products, but would like to read blogs and participate in discussions on topics like Big Data, IoT, and Social Innovation. The following communities are available through the Explore menu:




The Connect menu is where you'll go to find more specific interest groups and connect with people like you. You may already be following one of the following audience-specific communities:


My Community

The My Community menu provides a more personalized user experience that will give you direct access to the people, places and content that matter most to you. The was one of the most common requests we received through our HDS Community Member Survey. Each link is explained in further detail below:

    • My Groups: Groups that you own or are a member of within the HDS Community.
    • Spaces I Follow: The name says it all -- Spaces you are following!
    • Content: By default, you will see all content in the HDS Community, but you will now find several filters that were not previously available through our navigation experience. The screenshot below is a preview of the "browse content" feature that will allow you to access content you have drafted or authored, as well as specific content types, filters, and sorting options to make content easier to find.


(click image above to enlarge)


    • Bookmarks: Bookmarks have always been an available feature of the HDS Community, but not many people knew where to find them. Any time you see a document, discussion, or blog that you want to save and access quickly at a later time, click the "Bookmark" link in the upper right corner of the content page and you will find all of your Bookmarks available within this new link.



New Links on the HDS Community Overview Page

On the home page of the HDS Community (otherwise known as the "Overview" page in the left navigation menu), we replaced the group of Icons pointing to specific communities with three main categories of links to provide one-click access to the most popular areas of the HDS Community:


(click image above to enlarge)


Updated Branding

Overall, the HDS Community theme has been updated to better align with Some minor design changes have been implemented within the header and footer areas of the community, and a new banner has been developed as well as our presentation of "HDS Community" within digital and printed assets.



(click image above to enlarge)




Cloud-Friendly Framework

Last but not least, we are already looking ahead at future updates to the HDS Community. There are some important technical considerations to prepare for our potential upgrade to the cloud version of our community platform (but we'll spare you the details). What's important to know is that the simplified structure of this updated navigation menu is a moderate step towards the cloud version of our community platform, which means the next round of changes to the community will be far less impactful to the user experience, thereby reducing the learning curve for our end users when the time comes to go to cloud. Simply put, we thought it would be smarter to take gradual steps rather than one giant leap to a completely different user experience.



We hope you will benefit from the improvements we've made to the HDS Community user experience and value your feedback. Thank you for your participation and contributions to this thriving community!



The HDS Community Team