• How do I restore a blog post link?

    Hi, I had a blog post here: https://community.hitachivantara.com/community/developer-network/hcp/blog/2018/08/23/certification-of-hcp-with-alluxio   I needed to update the post, I made some changes and saved th...
    Ben Clifford
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  • Product Download access

    Hi, I recently registered using my work email address, but I still can not get access to Product Download section. Anything I missed out ?
    Hendra Haliman
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  • gad cross path-configuration

    we start the configuration of gad cross path-configuration on system Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.5 (Maipo).We are starting  a test without set Alua on storage system.   Is there a configur...
  • Rest API does not return any data.

    I installed SVP and Command Suite (HCS). And I will get data from the REST API, but it does not return any data.   The REST API version information get correctly, but cannot gt information associated with the s...
    Hyun Chul EOM
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  • Where is the appropriate place for job postings for Hitachi Pentaho?

    I tried posting one earlier, but it was removed. 
    Zack Burt
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  • setting up vdx 6746 inside cb 500 chassis.

    I have a cb 500 chassis with 1 blade server, 2 management modules, and 1 vdx 6746. I am trying to setup the switch vdx 6746, so I can connect the blade server to the vdx 6746 switch, and the vdx 6746 to external switc...
    Hendra Haliman
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  • Error DataSet CDA in Pentaho Report Designer 8.0

    Hi,   When I choose DataSet Community Data Access (CDA)in Pentaho Report Designer 8.0, fill in the fields and click Fetch, return a error:       org.pentaho.reporting.engine.classic.core.Report...
    elsa santos
    created by elsa santos
  • Where can I see my questions posted?

    Where can I see my questions which are posted?
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  • Hitachi Managemet

    Hello community,   I want to know if exists any other software to manage Hitachi Storage as alternative of Navigator Modular 2?. Please, let me know.   Regards,
    Victor Rodriguez
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  • Hi!  Is there anyone using HCI for GDPR purposes?

    Hi all!
    Gustavo Jesus
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  • VSP HDD Replacement?

    how to replace the VSP storage HDD
    ganesh m
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  • Upcoming Changes to Solution & Product Forums

    Over the past five years, the Hitachi Vantara Community's Solution and Product Forums have become a primary destination for current and prospective customers and partners to ask questions and share knowledge regarding...
    Jill Ross
    created by Jill Ross
  • How to Get Started in the Hitachi Vantara Community

    Welcome to the Hitachi Vantara Community!  The Hitachi Vantara Community is a friendly place for current and prospective customers and partners to get answers and share knowledge about Hitachi Vantara solutions ...
    Jill Ross
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  • Terms and Conditions

    Hitachi Vantara Community Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use  These terms must be read in addition to Hitachi Vantara’s Privacy Policy located at https://www.hitachivantara.com/en-us/company/leg...
    Roguen (Community Admin)
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  • How do I change my password in Hitachi Vantara Community?

    I received an email stating that I need to change my password to keep my account active. I can't find anywhere on the portal where to change my password. Thanks for any help.
    Sam Zee
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  • How do I...? (Community FAQs)

    This document is part FAQ, part user guide meant to help navigate some of the common setup and navigation questions that pop up. It's meant to be a more technical complement to the official FAQ (which covers community...
    Nick Gable
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  • Hitachi Vantara Community Code of Conduct

    Welcome to the Hitachi Vantara Community!  The purpose of this community is to provide a safe place for peer-to-peer conversations to occur in a friendly environment.  Hitachi Vantara employees are here too ...
    Donna Garber
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  • Improving the Solution and Product Forums

    We are constantly striving to improve the HDS Community, and we'd love to hear about your experiences with the Solution and Product Forums: Is it obvious where to post questions / discussions? Are we missing any top...
    Jeff Maaks
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  • Security Update: External Links Within Content

    As an added measure of security, we have enabled a warning message for all external links within Hitachi Vantara Community content. Starting now, you will see a warning message (screenshot below) that you will be leav...
    Jill Ross
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  • Change My Username in Hitachi Vantara Ccommunity

    Hello all,   Is there any chance I can change my user name on my account in Hitachi Vantara Community.
    akreddy vavilla
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