• Is there any document or special recommendation to take in consideration if we want to implement Microsoft SQL 2017 virtual cluster over vsphere 6.x?

    Is there any document or special recommendation to take in consideration if we want to implement Microsoft SQL 2017 virtual cluster over vsphere 6.x?
    Gabriel Colombo
    created by Gabriel Colombo
  • bi server community 8.2 session variables

    How can I set session variables in pentaho bi server community 8.2.  I tried to use xaction , it always execute errors.
    Deal Easy
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  • Where can I see my questions posted?

    Where can I see my questions which are posted?
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  • How do I restore a blog post link?

    Hi, I had a blog post here: https://community.hitachivantara.com/community/developer-network/hcp/blog/2018/08/23/certification-of-hcp-with-alluxio   I needed to update the post, I made some changes and saved th...
    Ben Clifford
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  • How do I follow a tag?

    Is it possibly to follow a Tag in a similar way to how you can follow a person to get their activity on your Dashboard. 
    Thomas Thorne
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  • Where is the appropriate place for job postings for Hitachi Pentaho?

    I tried posting one earlier, but it was removed. 
    Zack Burt
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  • How do I change my password in Hitachi Vantara Community?

    I received an email stating that I need to change my password to keep my account active. I can't find anywhere on the portal where to change my password. Thanks for any help.
    Sam Zee
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  • Improving the Solution and Product Forums

    We are constantly striving to improve the HDS Community, and we'd love to hear about your experiences with the Solution and Product Forums: Is it obvious where to post questions / discussions? Are we missing any top...
    Jeff Maaks
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  • Change My Username in Hitachi Vantara Ccommunity

    Hello all,   Is there any chance I can change my user name on my account in Hitachi Vantara Community.
    akreddy vavilla
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  • Community Intent?

    Hello, Several of us at Pentaho have been looking for a collaborative platform such as this for internal use, especially within the Presales Org.  I've used Jive in the past and I'm a big fan, but wanted to conf...
    Kenneth Granger
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  • When will Jive Mobile app be up and working?

    Have tried url http://community.hds.com (per Nick Howe) and tried http://hitachi.hosted.jivesoftware.com and neither is working. Any assistance would be much appreciated!
    Lilly Andree
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  • How can i change e-mail of my account?

    How can i change e-mail of my account? in the profile settings i cant do that...
    Axel Müller
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  • Cannot edit my content after community upgraded

    Help, i Cannot edit my content after community upgraded   Thx
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  • How are points given?

    I have this question. How are points given?   - I have been answering questions (a lot) for the past few months and managed to garner only 2000+ points. - I see some people who have not answered any question an...
    Bhaskar Ramashankar
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  • Private Message

    Am I able so send a Private Message? When I want to send a private message I only get a little red popup and I actually don't know if the PM is sent.
    Marcel Bascheneger
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  • Need to update my mail id

    I want to update my mail id for my account . But i don't see option to update it . Any idea ?.
  • I cannot reply to my own issue

    I have a problem I am trying to work on. When I go to the URL Re: Steps to enable native MPIO in Windows Server 2012 R2 with an AMS1000 There is no reply button available. When I click on Actions, it says No actions ...
    Aubrey Truex
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  • Frage zu meinem alten Account

    HAllo HDS Communty,   is it possible to get my old content from my account which I have before SinleSignON starts, Can it be moved to my new Account ? I lost my old entrys. Thank you in Advance Ralf Siekierski
    Ralf Siekierski
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  • HDS employes in community?

    Hello!   How can i figure out who is an HDS employe or not in the Community?   BTW: They should have an extra sign...
    Axel Mueller
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  • How do I add my photo to the list of avatars?

    I'd rather not be one of the default cartoons ;-)
    Sara Gardner
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