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Open Source Innovation from SUSE and Hitachi Vantara

Blog Post created by Jared Matkin on Aug 17, 2018

suse_logo_color.jpg Hitachi Vantara and SUSE Alliance

Based on a deep history in Linux and open sources solutions, along with an open philosophy to be more compatible with other vendors up and down the software stack, SUSE is committed to building and growing strong alliances with hardware partners like Hitachi Vantara.


That collaboration is visible and available in the market today in the form of solutions the companies have built together. Hitachi Vantara has already harnessed SUSE’s deep expertise with SAP applications to deliver a powerful converged solution on the Unified Compute Platform (UPC) for SAP HANA (they often have a top ranking in the SAP BW Advance Mixed Load Benchmark), as well as the development of customer-facing web platforms, and exploring opportunities for IoT applications with Linux embedded operating systems.


Why the Right Open Source Partner Matters

Simply stated, this is a question of forward looking technology trends. As more enterprise businesses look to Linux and open source solutions to help solve problems around storage, cloud and software defined infrastructure, the need for flexibility, compatibility and reliability is vital. That’s where SUSE’s open, open source philosophy adds true value.


By working strategically with partners like Hitachi Vantara, SUSE puts emphasis on understanding not only the technical requirements, but the forward-looking strategic business initiatives that drive value and growth. This approach fosters close collaboration and co-engineered solutions that work with not only hardware, but also in finding ways to discover compatibility with proprietary software and other modified technologies throughout the stack. The result: More freedom, more flexibility, and more choice for partners, customers, and end-users.


The Best of Supported Linux

There are different varieties of Linux and open source. There is community open source and unsupported Linux that is a viable and cost-effective option for certain applications. Of course, this puts accountability back on internal teams to take full ownership of development, security, patch management, distribution and other activities.


The alternative, of course, is a supported Linux distribution, like those provided by SUSE. While Linux is free and open code, a supported Linux distribution provides the support, maintenance, security updates and patches that tend to cost companies a lot of money in terms of team size, man hours, technology training and a host of other variables that inflate total cost of ownership.


Enterprise Linux.jpg


Opportunities Abound

What may surprise companies to learn is that when it comes to Linux development for areas like IoT applications and embedded operating systems, SUSE provides an advanced set of design and management tools that make it easy to get started. While many unsupported Linux distributions provide similar build tools, SUSE provides long term services and support for 13+ year product lifecycles.


These build tools and expert support services provide access to a powerful commercial grade operating system that is capable of powering many Industrial IoT applications.


To learn more about SUSE, our partnership with Hitachi Vantara, and how innovative and forward looking open source solutions are changing the way we help organizations plan and implement strategic technology strategies, visit our booth at Hitachi Next, and learn more at https://www.suse.com/partners/alliance/hds/.