Asim Zaheer

NEXT 2018: Did We Say Data?

Blog Post created by Asim Zaheer Employee on Sep 4, 2018

Since NEXT 2017, you may have noticed that we’ve been using a certain four-letter word almost constantly: Data. It’s everywhere, literally and figuratively. We all see it, we collect it, we create it, we study it, and we won’t shut up about it – because it’s that important! We’ve never seen data as we do now, and it’s never been so available for us to collect and use. So what exactly do we do with it all?


You’ll find out at NEXT 2018. You’ll see how other businesses have used data to transform. You’ll get insights from industry experts and guest speakers. You’ll get your hands on the newest products and solutions that will help you use your data more intelligently. And if last year’s event hasn’t already convinced you to register, check out this fun infographic on the Top 10 Reasons To Attend.


There are so many things that I’m looking forward to at NEXT. The fact that it’s in San Diego, California is the cherry on top. I mean, come on – sun, sand, coastal breeze – it’s what you see on those postcards from California, if people still use postcards. And I hear there’s a lot of fun to be had in the Gaslamp District. Maybe even something about a party there? Last year, we had some fun (Pitbull, anyone?), so I have no doubt that we’ll have a great time again.


We talk about data being the key to innovation and more intelligent outcomes, so I’m excited to hear what Lisa Bodell has to say in our general session. An innovation leader and CEO of futurethink, Lisa is known for teaching organizations how to simplify in order to accelerate change. Malcolm Gladwell, another revolutionary thought-leader, will also be a guest speaker. As the best-selling author of Tipping Point and Blink, I’m sure he’ll challenge our assumptions on innovation and inspire new ways of thinking.


The breakout sessions were incredibly popular last year, and this year will be no different. There are 50 to choose from, including sessions featuring customer use cases on how data has helped them transform and get smarter. It’s a great opportunity to hear and learn from our peers in the industry and how they’re adapting to the rapidly-evolving digital economy. It’s always reassuring to hear the experiences of others like you and how they’ve found success amidst similar struggles.


Our Executive Business Center will also be back this year. You’ll get the chance to schedule individual meetings with executives and experts from Hitachi to get insights and talk all things data. This is a unique opportunity where you can have engaging, valuable discussions on how to approach some of the biggest challenges we face in business today.


New this year are the training and certification offerings that’ll be on-site. It’s an incredible chance to get hands-on training on Pentaho, analytics and more so that you can maximize your return on data. You’ll even be able to take exams to get certified as part of our Certified Professional Program, which is a great way to prove your skills and knowledge and really lead what’s next for your business.


It’s almost hard to believe that NEXT 2018 is already here. It’s all about your data and your innovation, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.


See you in San Diego,


Asim Zaheer

Chief Marketing Officer

Hitachi Vantara