Michael Hay

Welcome & Time to Innovate

Blog Post created by Michael Hay Employee on Jun 9, 2013

Well I think that this is the beginning of HDS making many of our personnel and key influencers in the community more available.  I do hope that you all get a chance to "tour" the HDS Community to see what it is all about, and then when you've found a place to spend some of your copious free time -- yeah I know we all have a lot of that these days -- participate well.


I for one am happy to have such a great space to show really how powerful HDS and Hitachi are in the world.  I think we do an awful lot, yet because we're heads down so much what we do and what people know we do are two entirely different matters.  For instance my team, the Office of Technology and Planning, spans many countries and frequently pitches the direction that HDS will take over the next several years, and the general response is excitement.  Most definitely there are questions on how we will get there, and honestly it will be impossible without the support of various circles of people, both inside and outside, that are passionate about making it real.  I suppose you'd say "I didn't know that" and you wouldn't unless you're on the inside of or super close to HDS.  So on a micro level, in my team, and a macro level, HDS, we haven't tooted our own horn loud enough because we've been beyond busy planting roses in advance of smelling them.


Finally, for those of you that know me I'm a big fan of asking and answering "why," or even revealing what's behind the scenes.  It is my sincere hope that we'll be able to make this a space where we can all discover together what's next!