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Blog Post created by Michael Hay Employee on Jun 17, 2013

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Well last week I was in New York City at the HDS sponsored Financial Forum.  There I was able to meet with several customers and had a great time speaking croaking to the crowd along with Dr. Howard Rubin.  The back story was that there was a significant dose of Mr. Murphy of Murphy's Law fame, because I contracted a cold and lost my voice due to the fact that I was due to give a speech.


Howard and I talked about patterns and trends that are shaping the Information Technology industry including Technology Intensity (a practice that Howard has pioneered) and emerging exa-scale thinking.  (NOTE: I'll be posting a subset of my presentation materials here on the Innovation Center as soon as I get all of the credits and copyrights trued up.  Once the content is uploaded I'll update to this post.)


During the Forum, held at the Capitol Grille near Wall Street, there were several questions asked with the first four winning some pretty interesting prizes.  Since we could not answer all of the questions Gail Sockwell plans to post the questions online and we'll slog through answering them one by one.


Thanks to all who attended the conference, and a special thanks to Gail Sockwell, John Pilger , Howard Rubin, Jay McGloin, and Len Giacose for all their encouragement and support.



I'm including a version of my presentation materials from the Forum.  Expect more information will follow from the teams and groups involved on the Forum overall.  Further Ken Wood and I are going to be detailing some of the thinking behind the included materials in additional posts.


I do want to point out something important and significant in the included PDF.  It took me the better part of a day to track down various images, their licenses, authors, etc.  In some cases I had to remove the original instances and replace them with functional equivalents.  As we're developing the HDS Community I would like to ensure that we are being very respectful of Intellectual Property rights regardless of the form.  In the case of this presentation the form of the IP I've consumed are largely a series of images.  In many cases the images were from Flickr under the license that allows for commercial use and modification.  Other images are consumed from KDE Look and are from the H2O icon theme.  In all cases I've tried to give credit where credit is due, but if I've missed something please let me know.



As hinted at I'm working my way through the materials to explain the background and rationale.  The first two three posts are referenced below and I'll continue updating the list as I put more out there.




I've corrected some errata in the materials and I'm preparing another post in the series.  This time the post is on the emerging exa-scale era.  As soon as the new post is available I will update the the list above and slightly edit this post.



Added a new post on our customer study results for the Financial Forum post.  Aiming to continue the push for more content/explanation.



Concluded the series with the final post that covers the remainder of the material.