Michael Hay

Printing goodwill in advance of a hard currency return

Blog Post created by Michael Hay Employee on Oct 30, 2013

BB_HDS_Visual_Media_Alert.pngOur roots and our future are grounded in our ability to Innovate with Information, which often will require that we engage in many goodwill activities that may or may not result in a hard currency return.  According to the definition of goodwill on Wikipedia, “Goodwill is an accounting concept meaning the value of an asset owned that is intangible but has a quantifiable "prudent value" in a business, such as a reputation the firm enjoys with its clients.”  So, why the mention of goodwill?  Because we are now more than ever engaging in open discussions with our customers, partners and developer ecosystem with our recently announced HDS Community and Innovation Center .    This insight engine is now the connective tissue for driving real innovation.  The data is driving organizational change and learning as a result of this fast insight and feedback we have received.  From approaches for our private cloud solution to enhanced Global Account and Systems Integrators Program, we are listening, learning and innovating.


Another example is the discussion we had with Chief Technology Officer, Rajat Paharia and author of Customer Loyalty 3.0 recently about the science behind gamification and how this continues the interest stream of users.  We’ve been hearing from executives around the world around the next stage of operational excellence is around big data and its potential to create new insights which in turn could allow organizations to make more better business decisions. Organizations are looking for technologies to create open innovation, leverage data intelligence, solve problems and generate new revenue.  Additionally, they are looking to harnessing the power of the crowd for community generated content and co-creation as a new world economy imperative.  Insights, engagement and fast feedback through constructive conversation in these social communities become invaluable to speed up time to market according to research done by Leader Networks on the Socially Enabled Enterprise.


In our HDS Community, we are using gamification to help us quickly identify users who are curators, co-innovators, content creators and potential moderators.  We look at our progression in Community Roundtable model and can see that in many areas we are building and growing our Community, yet others we are still emergent.  We look forward to co-planning our innovation together in this transparent peer-to-peer community with our culture of open innovation as our goodwill as part of our culture knowing that being customer centric we will see the hard currency in return.