Michael Hay

Finally, Financial Forum Posts Are Consolidated

Blog Post created by Michael Hay Employee on Apr 30, 2014

Finally now that I'm winding down my degree I've got some time back to progress some efforts I've been wanting to do.  Notably, I talked about this before and I'm finally done: I've compiled the Financial Forum series into both a local copy of an iBook as well as a PDF format for the Community's consumption.


Please download, take a look and let me know what you think.  If you have any feedback or questions I'm aways game to consume them and either debate or adjust.


UPDATE - 1:  I had some problems with the Community trying to automatically compress the iBook formatted file so I will upload them as usual documents and see what that gets me.  Until then the PDF version remains attached to this post.


UPDATE - 2: Found out that Jive and iBooks formatted files are kind of incompatible: Basically in an effort to save space Jive automatically ZIPs files, and this effectively breaks iBooks on iOS from downloading and rendering the iBook.  As a result I'm moving the iBook file to HCP Anywhere so you can access it from this location.