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Influencers Added to the Twitter-Verse View

Blog Post created by Ken Wood Employee on May 6, 2014

As a follow-up to my blog “If you Tweet in the US…” that I posted a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to show a slightly different perspective on this interesting data. As you may recall, the previous post stated that “if you tweet in the US, you are most likely to be tweeting from an Apple device”, based on Twitter data collected and analyzed, and geospatially visualized.Do you Tweet in the USQuickPic.png


Now granted, Twitter is not the only social network messaging site, but I would say it is the most popular site of its kind. Also, this is a few hours of collected data during a specific time of day, so the data could be skewed a bit when sampled during other parts of the day, plus this is for tweeters with their location service enabled. However, this data, as it is collected in the spring of 2014, doesn’t vary much and is highly representative of the current state of the Twitter-verse. Again, the color coding for these geomaps are – ORANGE is an Apple device, RED is an Android device, YELLOW is a Microsoft or Blackberry device and GREEN is an known device.


So the question that came up about the users of Twitter, base on the previous data that we showed is, “what are the influencers using?” Those that tweet with the most influencer use what type of device? In this next set of visuals, we (Ameya Mahajan and I) added the number of followers each tweeter has and show this as a world view of the Twitter-verse and the U.S. view depicting most influencer by size and by device type.

Do you Tweet in the US Part TwoFollowersWorldLabeled.png

However, to put this into a little more real-world perspective, we limited the followers to less than 100,000 followers. Granted this is still a little out of scale for the majority of us, but the alternative was to see celebrities,  movie stars and rock stars with millions of followers and/or to cut off interesting data points. 100,000 followers gets you down into athletes and other influencers with more relatable messages. So just to be clear here, the 100,000 followers number is just an arbitrary threshold on my part, what I'll now call the "Celebrity Cutoff". I myself have about 300 followers (and climbing) as @KenWoodOnTech.

Do you Tweet in the US Part TwoFollowersUSLabeled2.png

So, what these graphics tell us is that the majority of the influencers use an Apple device (either an iPhone or iPad) in the U.S. In other parts of the world, the same conclusions from the previous blog still stands, where Android devices are used, the influencers also predominately use Android devices and where Apple devices are predominately used, the influencers use Apple devices. However, there is a slight variation to this conclusion in segments of the world where a more predominate “Unknown” device has a distinct presence, more so than when just the tweeter’s device is plotted.

Remember, the use case for this type of analysis would be for crafting a campaign message via Twitter and understanding the type of audience you might want to target. Understanding who the influencers are in this particular social media and what types of device they tweet from while still understand the demographics of this type of user, could help you create a social media messaging campaign that results in the best coverage and relevance.


There is a plethora of data that can be collected and analyzed from Twitter, as well as from other social networking sites, including our own HDS Community site. In fact, Ameya Mahajan and I are collecting data from the HDS Community and analyzing this data to gain some insight as to how the our site is used. Hopefully, I can share our findings with you in a future blog.