Michael Hay

Innovation Center Updates

Blog Post created by Michael Hay Employee on Nov 6, 2014

Well it has been a bit since I've been able to devote some significant time to ideating, creating and publishing content on the Innovation Center.  Some of this has been due to changes in my family -- we welcomed my daughter into the world in late September -- and some of it is due to some fundamental changes, in the organization and beyond, which will fuel Open Innovation.


Specifically, you'll see that there is a fledgling sub-space within the Innovation Center, being curated by Manju Ramanathpura, focused on exposing our past, current and future activities in the areas of Open Source.  There you'll find references to our Open Source consumption and collaborations with projects like Open Stack, release of new projects like COMET (Custom Metadata Object Enhancement Tool), and references to our participation in events like Linuxcon.  Please keep up with the site as Manju will be encouraging its continuous development, exposing more and more of what we're doing.


innovation center badges.pngAlso we've been able to implement several new badges dedicated specifically to the Innovation Center to spur development of more content directly from the Community.  The badges include the Winnower, the Refiner, Meme-Miester, Meme-Maker, Innovator, and Early Adopter badges available for you to win.  It is our hope that these badges will provide a little extra incentive to participate more on the Innovation Center and emerging sub-spaces.  (NOTE: I do want to thank Cris Danci for his collaboration work in proposing the badge types, and the Community and Marketing teams to make these a reality.)


Last, but not least, we've also had some organizational changes which are going to allow us to press ahead more fully on the pursuit of a more formal Open Innovation program.  While I don't want to yet provide all of the details, I do want to say that you should stay tuned, and if you're interested in hearing more please contact Scott Nacey, Vincent Franceschini , Karl Kohlmoos, Toru Horimoto, and Elizabeth Graul .  These folks are busy looking at a lot of details ranging from Intellectual Property threads, to how to fill the funnel with relevant projects and match them to prospective users.  So again stay tuned for more information to come on this topic.