Ken Wood

Pentaho plus Hitachi equals Endless Possibilities!

Blog Post created by Ken Wood Employee on Jun 4, 2015



The acquisition of Pentaho is complete! We are one. We complete each other. It’s hard to say which one benefits most from this merger. Since I’m biased, I’m going to say that Hitachi benefits a bit more from this merger than Pentaho benefits from Hitachi. However, statistically, it’s a tie. Through this relationship, both will see revenue increases. Both will be entering new, different and expanded markets together. Both will experience expanded solution portfolios that are unique and disruptive to the industry and society.


While the driving force behind this strategic acquisition is Social Innovation, there are many traditional IT infrastructure and analytics requirements that will benefit from this relationship. Of course, the strategy for Social Innovation has the potential to change a company's culture while simultaneously benefiting the world. Who doesn’t want to be part of that metamorphosis?


Personally, I’ve been with HDS for 18+ years now and I’ve been through several company “transformations”. From a mainframe company to a storage company, from a storage company to a data and content company, from a data and content company to an IT solutions company. But this “metamorphosis”, going from an IT solutions company (which is in itself a broad capability) to a company providing solutions to solving socially challenging problems is going to be an epic ride. I am proud to be part of it.


A component of the Social Innovation strategy includes the Internet of Things (IoT) or as we like to say, the Internet of Things That Matter (IoTTM). IoTTM is the collection, analysis, reaction and management of sensor data. This market is poised to grow to $2 trillion for all industries by 2020 according to Goldman Sachs. Hitachi has been in the IoTTM space forever from the smallest RFID chips to trains to cranes to elevators to life sciences to energy and many others. Pentaho software will help Hitachi make sense of all of this data and tie it together in ways that haven’t even been created yet. Turning this data not just into information, but into insight and knowledge. To ask and answer the most complex questions from the most complex system.


There is a lot of work and innovation to do to achieve these goals, but there has already been a lot of work done to date to create unique solutions for the market at hand. For example, our recently announced Unified Compute Platform (UCP) for SAP HANA integrated by Pentaho solutions has been under development in our engineering labs since late last year. Which also means Pentaho will now support SAP HANA natively. Also, our recently announced Hyper Scale-out Platform (HSP) has been in development with Pentaho for quite sometime. There are several other solutions in various stages of announcements and release schedules that include co-development with Pentaho under our now expired OEM relationship, which has helped us get a head start to today’s announcements.


So to my Pentaho friends and colleagues, welcome to the Hitachi family. We are living in fast changing times, but I think we are now in a position to take advantage of it and do some good for the world.