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Year 2015 - What have we been upto in the Network & Open Source Incubation team?

Blog Post created by Manju Ramanathpura Employee on Jan 5, 2016

Happy 2016!


It's been  while since I shared what's been happening in our team -  Network & Open Source Incubation.  I definitely feel like 2015 flew by super fast - really good head-down & grind it out kind of a year.


On the Open Source front there was a lot of work put in place to make cultural shift in the organization - specifically focused on embracing and nurturing Open Source initiatives.   I am pretty sure this will help us all a lot in the subsequent years to come.  Today, I won't take much more time on what's been cooking in the Open Source space, but promise to follow up on that soon.    However, I'd like to take a quick moment to write what's been happening in our team from Networking perspective.

There our couple of key incubation initiative our team picked up at the beginning of the year 2015 - including


  1. WAN optimizer  - Efficient data transfer
  2. AeroMACS - Nextgen wireless communication system for airport communication
  3. SDN & NFV - Network infra & applications for Hitachi's data center & cloud portfolio
  4. IoT/M2M - Sensor Management and Data Management


1. WAN Optimizer : For those of you had had followed previous conversations either from myself or Michael Hay,  you probably noticed that our focus here was really not about trying to come up with yet another WAN optimization application.  Instead, we are just focusing on having a killer data transfer efficiency for Hitachi's traditional IT portfolio ( like UCP, HSP, HCP... ) as well as the nextgen social innovation solutions that you will hear more in the near future.    2015 was a good year for this initiative, as we started phasing out this from incubation to productization phase.


2. AeroMACS :  This is a pretty cool project we picked up in 2015.  I won't spend much time on explaining what is AeroMACS - there is plenty of excellent information here on this topic.  In a nutshell this is essentially a nextgen communication system for aviation industry.  Hitachi is one of the board members of the WiMAX forum under which the AeroMACS standards are being driven.  In 2014, Hitachi was selected as a testbed system equipment vendor for airport surface mobile communication system.  Things have come a long way since then, but lot more exciting work ahead of us.


3. SDN & NFV :  There is so much going on in software defined space, especially in the networking industry.  We are at the thick of it, whether it is to support existing solutions under the SDN and NFV framework or building nextgen infra & applications for the SDN & NFV space.  In 2015, our team primarily focused on data center side of the SDN and NFV - specifically to help position Hitachi's portfolio like UCP, HSP..  to serve our customer's future needs.  My colleague Akihiro Koizumi has been leading this effort in my team.  He is going to be posting few blog posts to cover various topics we have been working on.  So, stay tuned..    I should say that it was Koizumi-san's gentle, innumerable reminders that finally made me to post this blog!


4. IoT : IoT itself is such broad topic & not surprisingly, you will continue to hear many teams within Hitachi working in this area.   Our team's focus has been primarily around Sensor Management and Sensor Data Management.  Diving deeper into aspects like secure connectivity, data curation, edge gateway architecture, secure data transfer, data integrity management etc.,   Our divisions domain expertise in this area, and ability to deliver various IoT solutions in the Japan market like the JR East Railways Condition Based Maintenance solution or the Agriculture IoT e-kakashi solution, continue to help us stay grounded to the real world use cases as we improvise scalable sensor management and sensor data management platform.  In addition, team also visited several strategic customers & partners to understand what they are thinking from IoT perspective and how can we help or collaborate with them.  Great collaboration effort from multiples teams within Hitachi, including Junya Tashiro Reiji Nishiyama  Satoshi Ishiguchi Karl Kohlmoos  Rajesh Bhima.  This is a super exciting area for us, as we explore building what is needed, as well as collaborating with partners and customers to build end to end solutions IoT solutions.

On each of the above topics, I look forward to coming back and share more updates. 

Cheers to another great year.