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Data is the New Oil

Blog Post created by Harry Zimmer Employee on Jan 31, 2017

There are at least 20 terms today that describe something that was once called Decision Support (more than 30 years ago). Using computers to make fact based intelligent decisions has continually been a noble goal for all organizations to achieve. Here we are in 2017 and the subject of Decision Support has been by enlarge forgotten. The following word cloud shows many of the terms that are used today. They all point to doing super advanced Decision Support. Some of the terms like Data Warehouse have been replaced (or super-ceded) with the concept of the Data Lake. Others old terms like Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been re-energized as core to most organizations IT plans for this year.




In discussing this whole set of topics with many customers around the world over the past 12 months, it has become clear to me that in general most companies are still struggling with the deployment and in some cases the ROI around this whole set of topics. The education levels are also all over the map and the sophistication of systems is inconsistent.


In my upcoming WebTech (webinar) I will be sharing a new model that takes into account the old and the new. It will provide some foundational educationl in under an hour that should provide incredible clarity – especially for ‘C’ level executives.


I have developed what I think is a very useful model or architecture that can be adapted and adopted by most, if not all organizations. This model provides an ability to self-assess where the organization is exactly and what the road forward will look like. All of this has been done with the goal of achieving the state of the art goals in 2017.


The model is a direct plug-in to the industry-wide digital transformation initiative. In fact, without the inclusion of the model – or something similar to it – a digital transformation project will most likely fail.


The other direct linkage is to another hot topic: Internet of Things (IoT). Here too there is a direct linkage to the model. In fact, as IoT becomes mainstream across all organizations, it will be a valuable new source of data using the evolving world of sensor technologies.


I hope you are able to join me for this WebTech. I am sure you will find that it will be extremely valuable to you and your organization and spur a ton of follow-on discussion.


To register for my upcoming WebTech, click here.


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