Michael Hay

Sweating the Details and Innovation

Blog Post created by Michael Hay Employee on Jul 11, 2017

As a brand and as a company, Hitachi is known for building high-quality solutions – from proton beam therapy and high-speed, mass transit bullet trains to water-treatment offerings and artificial intelligence (AI) technology – offerings that make the world a better place to live. For this reason, we hold ourselves to the highest of standards and we sweat the details. We know that, in many of these cases of social innovation, failure on our part could have dire or disastrous consequences.


Of course, we can’t make the world a better place alone. We need partners who will sweat the details. Partners like Intel, who, with their introduction of the latest Intel Xeon family of processors or their work on computational performance of a deep learning framework, demonstrate their intense focus on innovation, quality and performance.


As we continue to examine Intel Xeon family of processors, we see unlimited potential to accelerate and drive our own innovations. New capabilities can help us achieve greater application performance and improved efficiency with our converged and hyperconverged Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP). And, as Intel pushes the envelope even further with next-generation field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technologies as well, we estimate that users could see upwards of a 10x performance boost and a significant reduction in IT footprint.


In important vertical markets like financial services, we have seen tremendous success around ultra-dense processing with previous generation Intel processing technologies. There, we are able to capture packets at microsecond granularity, filter in only financial services data, and report on both packet performance plus the financial instruments embedded in the packets. We can’t wait to see how Intel’s latest processing advancements help us exceed expectations and today’s state of the art.


We look forward to the road ahead. In the meantime, we’ll keep sweating the details and working with partners like Intel who do the same.