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Model driven machine executable regulatory reporting TechSprint!

Blog Post created by Nirvana Farhadi Employee on Nov 20, 2017

Posted by Nirvana Farhadi  Nov 20, 2017



Today heralds a historic day for us at Hitachi Vantara! We are extremely honored to be hosting and strategically collaborating with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and the BoE (Bank of England), Grant Thornton, and other key Financial Services stake holders, in holding a two week TechSprint to explore the potential for model-driven machine-readable regulation.


This incredible two-week Tech Sprint, will be exploring how technology can provide solutions to the challenges firms face in implementing their regulatory reporting obligations. If successful, this opens up the possibility of a model driven and machine executable and readable, regulatory environment that could transform and fundamentally change how the financial services industry understands, interprets and then reports regulatory information!

for more information on the event please go to:


A big thank you to all participants and strategic collaborators who have joined us today on the opening of this event! Participants are listed below.


  • Financial Conduct Authority
  • Bank of England
  • Grant Thornton
  • Hitachi
  • HSBC
  • Credit Suisse
  • Santander
  • JWG
  • Linklaters
  • University College Cork
  • The Information Society Project at Yale Law School
  • Stanford University
  • Governor Software
  • Immuta
  • Lombard Risk
  • Model Drivers
  • Regnosys
  • Willis Towers Watson

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