Sasan Moaveni

Hitachi and Cisco: A Shared Vision for a New Era in Data Center Modernization

Blog Post created by Sasan Moaveni Employee on Feb 7, 2019

This week, Hitachi Vantara is joining long-time strategic partner Cisco at its annual Partner Summit in Las Vegas, #CiscoPS18. The two companies have worked together for decades, continuously producing innovations that are making data center modernization achievable for a wide range of businesses.


Market-leading networking solutions from Cisco, combined with best-in-class data storage and data center management technologies from Hitachi, have been steadily revolutionizing the way companies store, access and share data.


The goal of the Hitachi-Cisco collaboration is straightforward: As data centers become ever more complex, the two companies partner to make it easier, more efficient and more cost-effective to minimize this complexity. By reducing the total cost of data center and network ownership, while supporting strategic performance gains, collectively, the companies have helped thousands of organizations maximize the return on their IT investments and achieve business objectives by delivering innovative solutions.


Creating Outcomes That Matter

There’s no doubt that data plays an essential role in today’s highly digital business environment. Every day, companies gather insights about their customers, trading partners, suppliers, internal and external processes, market trends and other key strategic topics. This data represents an organization’s most important asset. Yet it can be hard to manage, share, protect, analyze and capitalize on these insights.


Hitachi and Cisco have responded to this challenge by increasing the ability of every business to access and leverage world-class data management and networking solutions. In everything they do, these two companies have focused on creating practical, achievable benefits — and outcomes that genuinely matter from a strategic perspective.


Speed Plus Intelligence

For example, recent innovations from Hitachi and Cisco support new levels of automation and agility for data centers of all sizes. By combining artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities from Hitachi with the scale and speed of Cisco’s networking solutions, data center operations can now be synchronized and automated at a game-changing level.


By leveraging real-time analytics and rapid root-cause identification, companies can enjoy uninterrupted data availability, increased application performance and highly efficient daily operations. And, by increasing predictability, they can also significantly reduce their exposure to the risk of downtime and data losses.


Not only has this joint effort brought enhanced capabilities and best practices to a new set of companies, both large and small — but this collaboration has also delivered innovations to new markets around the world. The two companies have worked together to serve more than 10,000 mutual customers globally.


“The pace of this highly-competitive marketplace requires efficient operations, the ability to access and analyze data insights, and business agility and responsiveness. To achieve this, organizations want to work with experts, partners who have the proven expertise and solutions to deliver their desired business outcomes, Hitachi Vantara and Cisco can be those partners,” said Mike Walkey, Senior Vice President, Strategic Partners & Alliances at Hitachi. “Leveraging our joint experience, our expanded collaboration with Cisco will continue to usher in a new era of data center modernization for organizations regardless of industry, geography, or size. We’re excited about what the future will bring.”


“It’s rare to see a partnership thrive across decades,” added Mike Austin, Senior Director, Global Industry Partners at Cisco. “I believe our relationship has proven successful because both companies believe data center modernization can be leveraged as a competitive advantage. By working smarter, simpler and faster, companies of all sizes and types can thrive in today’s complex global business landscape.”


What’s Next? Stay Tuned

Hitachi and Cisco have already partnered to produce innovations in data center modernization, data governance and data-driven insights. These joint developments have proven critical in ushering in today’s era of digital transformation — and increasing the speed and intelligence of everyday IT operations.


What’s on the horizon for these two strategic partners? Stay tuned for new innovations in 2019 and beyond as Hitachi and Cisco look to accelerate their strategic engagement. While the past results of this collaboration have been impressive, there is still much more to come. Watch this space.