• How to Add Saiku Analytics Plugin in Pentaho BI-server 8.1? Error in installing Plugin.

    I am working on Pentaho BI server 8.1 and trying to install Saiku Analytics Plugin from Marketplace. But due to some reason, I am not able to install it and getting below error -   Error occurred when installing ...
    Manoj Patil
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  • Target Driven Zoning - Storage -> FC-Switch

    Recently , I am across some interesting work in the field of FC SAN, which is target driven zoning( from EMC & Brocade folks) , which allows the storage array to talk to the switch and send the zoning information ...
    Rahul Bhat
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  • Are Social Security Cards outdated ?

    In the wake of the recent security breaches at Target and Neiman Marcus there have been numerous efforts to bring to light the outdated US credit card authentication systems. I think it is much bigger than that. In o...
    Vinod Subramaniam
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  • The rise of optical technologies

    So we have all seen the benefits of optical I/O technologies - for example in networking, optical technologies have enabled greater distances, higher throughputs, lower error rates, lower latencies... but often at a h...
    Vincent Franceschini
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  • why not a open lab for partners?

    why not a open lab for partners, with access to all the HDS products for doing R&D.
    Kamalarajan S
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  • Nonlinear Modeling of Computer Performance: Anyone Going Beyond Lorenz?

    Question: Is anyone testing out nonlinear models to predict computing behavior beyond a simple Lorenz-type model?  If so, which approaches are working more consistently?   The background on my interest: I...
    Amy Hodler
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  • SDN Startups

    Who do people think are interesting SDN startups?
    Andrew Nielsen
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  • Would a Big Data demonstration on mortality statistics be considered too morbid for a general tech audience?

    I have access to the US mortality statistics for 2010 and it looks like some good insight could be mined from it, but I'm having second thoughts on the appropriateness of using this data for a demo. It's over 1 GB of ...
    Ken Wood
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  • What are some domain specific performance metrics?

    Similar to my previous question, but more direct short answers expected. Some examples might be,   Rendered Frames per hour - media & entertainment Page Views per Day - web
    Ken Wood
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  • How important is sustained performance in today's IT environment?

    I just posted some thoughts on why sustained performance matters to our customers:   Why Sustained, Uniform Performance Matters (and How HNAS Delivers It)   The post was prompted by a big customer's surpri...
    Matthew O'Keefe
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  • An Attempt to define a Load Factor for Storage Arrays

          Back in the days when I was a code monkey for a large financial company, a discussion on a storage array dashboard led to an interesting train of thought. One of the senior managers threw an idea...
    Vinod Subramaniam
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  • Effortless Data Migration Strategies for SMB customers

    Many reports suggest that worldwide revenue for Storage Vendors is slowing down as far as Large Enterprise Customers are concerned. The revenue growth for most storage vendors is going to be from Small and Medium Bus...
    Vinod Subramaniam
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  • Introducing the Vacuum Transistor: A Device Made of Nothing - IEEE Spectrum

    Introducing the Vacuum Transistor: A Device Made of Nothing - IEEE Spectrum   In September 1976, in the midst of the Cold War, Victor Ivanovich Belenko, a disgruntled Soviet pilot, veered off course from a tr...
    Michael Hay
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  • How Hitachi research can help your business?

    If you are a customer, I would like to hear more about your expectation around Hitachi research and how we can collaborate and help growth of your business.   If you are HDS sales or HDS partner, what info/assis...
    Ron Lee
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  • Energy Dashboard for Hitachi Command Suite

    I just finished getting into the breaker box in the basement and installing two clamp meters one per phase in order to monitor my home energy usage. This is a product called TED 1001 from http://theenergydetective.co...
    Vinod Subramaniam
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  • Collaboration with Hitachi Consulting

    Dear All,   I would like to understand the opportunities we have to collaborate with HDS in Cloud and Big Data. Appreciate if someone guide us   Regards Dinesh C
    Dinesh Chandrasekar
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  • 30 Practical Tool to Trigger & Support Innovation

    Some nice business, strategy, innovation development tools and methodology that I found.  Hope you will benefit from it.  If you have tools/methodology that you found else, feel free to share.   Tools...
    Ron Lee
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  • Smart / Autonomous Driving: dream or reality?

    Well according to this article the UK is planning ahead for live tests of driverless cars. How long do you think it will take before such technology & services becomes a reality on the road?
    Vincent Franceschini
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  • How much do you value the network layer?

    I have an opinion on the topic which you might guess. However I'm interested in yours.   The network industry is going through some interesting transformations with SDN / NFV trends, taking another step at virtu...
    Vincent Franceschini
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  • To create a database of searchable objects accessible via web interface

    In IT organisations a lot of information surrounds host name of a server .... Like its wwn, IP address , connected switch port, related fabric zone, data center location, hosted application name, server owner , applic...
    saintly guy
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