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Hitachi's Video Management Platform - The Enabler for Public Safety and Digital Transformation

Blog Post created by Keith Roscarel Employee on Jun 18, 2016


Remember analogue and disparate surveillance systems? These are rapidly being transformed into significant enterprise security platforms.

Modern deployments look more like a standard ICT roll-out then a traditional CCTV solution. Customers are regularly asking for both expertise in the security domain and a bullet-proof platform to support their implementations.

We are repeatedly asked for the following requirements:

  • Support ALL video managment solutions (VMS), video content analytics (VCA), access control, monitoring tools and any other applications needed to deliver a security platform
  • Provide video durability i.e. no dropped frames,  no video loss, 100% low latency recall
  • Scale capacity from small rollouts to 10,000+ cameras
  • Support petabytes of storage
  • Significantly longer retention periods and long term video storage options
  • Deliver high reliability i.e. platform that does not break
  • Require negligible maintenance for customer
  • Off low latency and high performance systems
  • Support analytics layers including data acquisition and visualisation


In addition to these essential requirements, platforms must remain commercially competitive.


Hitachi Design Goals

Our global and regional teams have hundreds of years experience in rolling out solutions at the site, suburb, city, region and even small country perspectives. The importance of best practice site inspection, camera selection, VMS and video analytics selection, network design and ICT architecture form part of the discussion in every security implementation.


Some of key design considerations include:


  • Appliances that meet industry standards, but also can be highly and elegantly customized.
  • 'Out of the box' fault-tolerant platforms that requires minimal (if any) user maintenance and are always on.
  • 'Beyond Paper' certification programs that ensure VMS, VCA, access control and other solutions are guaranteed to perform well on our platform.
  • Straight-forward industry best practice architectural design from small to very large deployments
  • No single point of failure in architecture across Power, Storage, SAN, Compute  and Switching.
  • Designed and governed by our highly-specialised global and regional security engineering teams, but able to be installed, configured and maintained by every local Hitachi Customer Service and Support team.
  • Commercially effective video tiers for economic long term retention.

Under the Hood

Here is the basic specifications from our "VMP 150", our entry point appliance. Others include VMP 500 and VMP 1000 (which I will introduce in future blogs)

We can design this specifically for your camera types, applications, site topology, retention and growth.

Our compute is virtualised with VMWare and most architectures are laid out in virtual machines as follows:

The architecture can readily include other solutions (including standard ICT) as required.

Our 'Hi-Track' system automatically monitors our solution and raises tickets on hardware issues such as replacement disks. This results in very rare (if ever) system outages as small problems are fixed before they become big issues.

Hardware Maintenance is done by Hitachi using (always available) Hitachi spares.

Disk failures are very rare. Our controller management system monitors the disk pools and 'invalidates disks' when they start logging errors.  Spare disks are automatically become activated.

Buying Questions for Vendors

Can you provide a single solution for ALL security applications?

How will you scale for 20% or 200% more cameras?

Do you know how our Cameras, VMS and other solutions will perform on your platform?

How will you architect for 100% up-time during regular operation, support and upgrades ?

Can you provide 100% fault tolerance, backup and continuity in a multi-site implementation?

Can you integrate your solution into our greater ICT platform and/or extend it to become our entire platform?

Are you cloud ready?

Do you have strong experience in Public Safety, Security and Digital Transformation?


With its 100+ years heritage in building core infrastructure for society, Hitachi can provide a comprehensive solutions for security ecosystem.