• Hitachi at IoT Solutions World Congress 2018

      IoT Solutions World Congress - 16 - 18 October 2018, Barcelona SPAIN What makes Hitachi Vantara’s data pipeline unique is our ability to work with any type of data, do any type of analysis, and deploy m...
    David Kolundzija
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  • IoT Minute Episode 72: Why IoT?

    As the Internet of Things slides into Gartner’s Trough of Disillusionment, organizations all over the world are asking why they should continue their IoT journey.    Rob is here to remind you.
    Rob Tiffany
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  • Get a 360-Degree View of Your Assets with Asset Avatars

    Industry 4.0 holds the promise of helping organizations in manufacturing, transportation, energy, and urban development to digitally transform with IoT-enabled technologies, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence...
    Jagdish Sharan Upadhyay
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  • Video is King

    From flying COWs to life-saving drones, video is literally capturing reality. Video according to some is the new killer app. The reason? It’s more than right place, right time. Video is the lifeblood of nearly e...
    Navaid Khan
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  • Challenges at the Edge Today

    The explosive growth of IoT isn’t hypothetical; it’s happening today in every sector. Digital transformation is here, and while it is changing industries in new ways, that change doesn’t always come ...
    Jagdish Sharan Upadhyay
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  • The Hitchhikers Guide to IoT - Webinar Series

    42! The answer to life, universe and EVERYTHING! If only everything would be as easy...   IoT, Industrie 4.0, Predictive Maintenance and the use of data in different areas of industry is a big topic nowadays. &...
    Barbara Goetz
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  • Lumada IoT Platform Paves the Way for Digital Transformation

    Enterprises around the world are looking at internet of things (IoT) technologies as a transformative opportunity to improve operational efficiency and drive innovation. Yet, with all the promise IoT offers, companies...
    Ravi Chalaka
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  • Riding the Three Waves of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    From simple games to self-learning systems – AI has come a long way By Ravi Chalaka, Vice President, Global IoT and Lumada Marketing, Hitachi Vantara   Today, talk of artificial intelligence (AI) is ever...
    Ravi Chalaka
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  • Complexity - A Major IoT Challenge

    To the list of greatest inventions of the world such as the wheel, compass, steam engine, concrete, automobile, railways, airplane add 21st century’s offering the Internet of Things or IoT. Gartner estimates the...
    Jagdish Sharan Upadhyay
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  • Ravi Chalaka, Hitachi's VP of Global IoT Marketing, Talks IoT and Saving Lives

    Open video

    Jill Ross
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  • Can Microgrids Deliver Energy Resiliency Without "Costing an Arm and a Leg"?

    It’s been about 4 months since I transitioned from Business Applications solutions marketing to IoT marketing within the newly formed Hitachi Insight Group. In this role, I am now focused on energy, specifically...
    Generosa Litton
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  • Hitachi's Video Management Platform - The Enabler for Public Safety and Digital Transformation

    Remember analogue and disparate surveillance systems? These are rapidly being transformed into significant enterprise security platforms. Modern deployments look more like a standard ICT roll-out then a traditional ...
    Keith Roscarel
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  • Slate: Public Safety for Smart Cities

    Slate just published an interesting article by Mark Jules (our VP for public safety and visualization) on public safety for smart cities. Article Introduction: "Cities around the world are becoming smarter and more...
    Amy Hodler
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  • [Video] Frost & Sullivan: Social Innovation and Public Safety - Safer Cities Through Integrated Intelligence

    Jill Ross
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  • Video: Mark Jules - Hitachi Visualization for Public Safety and Smart Cities

    Jill Ross
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